Bally Takes the Simple Nylon Tote To Chic New Heights

Nylon Tote Bag Bally Raami

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* Adorned with Bally’s signature trainspotting stripe
* Features an interior pocket and magnetic closure
* Made in Switzerland

Leave it to a venerable brand like Bally to elevate the utilitarian — in this case, the humble nylon tote bag — to a covetable luxury item. A style-minded alternative to the briefcase, Bally’s Raami tote, seen here, exudes casual but refined European appeal. Simply designed, its clean, rectangular shape is sewn from subtly printed, charcoal-colored nylon. The masculine, asphalt-like print plays on your eyes to create a texture that’s not actually there, giving the smooth surface of nylon an added sense of dimension.

Nylon Tote Bag Bally Raami

Like all things Bally, details have been well-thought out. Inside, find a zippered interior pocket for small or valuable items. A magnetic closure secures the top of the bag shut, while the handles are just long enough to fit on your shoulder, yet short enough to hand-carry. Quiet luxury in the form of smooth leather straps and trim evolve this bag beyond the basic, while the house’s signature trainspotting stripe finish the elegant effect.

Made in Switzerland, the bag measures 14.5 inches tall and 13.75 inches wide, giving you plenty of room for a regular-sized laptop, notebook, water bottle and other daily essentials. It makes a great airplane carry-on bag too.

Since Bally’s founding in 1851, the brand has continued to evolve, redefining luxury for modern times, with respect to their rich heritage of top-quality craftsmanship. So, if you’re looking to redefine how to haul a bunch of stuff around, or just need to hit the sartorial refresh button, Bally’s Raami nylon tote is a choice you’ll have for years to come.

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