Virgil Abloh Keeps Taking Our Money: Shop the Best Off-White Sneakers for Spring 2021

best off white sneakers
Courtesy of Off-White

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If you’ve been working from home for the past year, you’ve probably settled on some version of a “Zoom uniform.” That might be a simple jeans-and-t-shirt combo. Maybe you’re showing up to video meetings rocking a polo shirt and sweatpants for the whole business-on-top, comfort-on-bottom outfit. Or maybe your fashion routine hasn’t changed, and you’re getting fully dressed just like it’s a normal day (which, by the way, definitely has its benefits).

One part of your closet that probably hasn’t seen an upgrade in a while, though, is your shoe collection. Why bother? It’s not like there’ve been many places to go since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Whether or not your home has a no-shoes policy, it’s safe to assume your kicks haven’t gotten their normal use.

But there’s good news. With more and more folks receiving vaccinations and life inching back to normality, there’s an end in sight. You’ve thought about it a million times — what’s the first thing I’ll do when *all this* is over?

Regardless of your answer, why not take that first post-pandemic step outside in a bold, beautiful pair of high-end, Off-White sneakers?

Off-White — an Italian luxury fashion label — surely has some kicks to fit the bill. Founded by Virgil Abloh, who also serves as Louis Vuitton’s menswear director, Off-White is known for loud, colorful sneakers adorned with the brand’s signature zip tie tag. The label’s many collabs (Levi’s, Timberland, IKEA) have made waves, too, with Off-White’s Air Jordan 1 collaboration earning “Shoe of the Year” at Footwear News’ annual awards in 2017.

Needless to say, Off-White is legit. We’ve sourced a handful of the best Off-White sneakers (which start out around $255) to help you out. Step into spring in style.


1. Off-White Out of Office Sneakers


Maybe you’re not quite ready to go full sneakerhead. If this is your first foray into the high-end footwear game, we recommend this pair of Off-White sneakers, the low-top Out of Office kicks. They’re a safe choice because — aside from a bold print on the tag and inner-foot embroidery — it looks like a pretty standard pair of quality sneakers. But true style aficionados will see those details and tip their cap to you.

off-white out of office white sneakers Courtesy of Off-White
off-white out of office red and white sneakers Courtesy of Off-White
off-white out of office green and white sneakers Courtesy of Off-White

2. Off-White Off-Court 3.0 High-Top Sneaker


If high tops are more your speed, then these are the best Off-White sneakers for you — check out the Off-Court 3.0 designer sneakers from Off-White. Like most of this brand’s offerings, there are dozens of different patterns and colors to pick from, so we’ve left a few options to give you a sense of what’s out there.

off-white off-court 3.0 high-top sneaker Courtesy of Farfetch
off-white off-court 3.0 black sneaker Courtesy of Farfetch
Off-White Off-Court 3.0 pink sneaker Courtesy of Farfetch
Off-White Off-court 3.0 high top white sneaker Courtesy of Farfetch

3. Off-White Low Vulcanized Sneakers


Affordability is a relative term here since we’re talking about pretty high-end luxury footwear. But at $255, these low vulcanized kicks are the cheapest pair of Off-White sneakers. Most of them sport a black-and-white aesthetic with a diagonal print on the sole.

off-white Vulcan white sneaker Courtesy of Off-White
off-white vulcan black sneakers Courtesy of Off-White

4. Off-White ODSY 1000 Sneakers


The ODSY 1000s feature a chunky silhouette that’s very much on trend in the sneaker game. Warning: These are not for the bashful. Expect plenty of glances (and hopefully compliments, too) when sporting this pair of Off-White sneakers. Hypebeasts and sneakerheads, look no further.

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off-white 1000 beige sneaker Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue
off-white 1000 pink black sneaker Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue
off-white 1000 blue sneakers Courtesy of Off-White

5. Off-White Sculpted Platform Chunky Sneakers


For serious fashion fanatics only, this is the loudest, boldest pair of Off-White sneakers you can buy. Available in honey yellow-beige and black grey, both colors of this leather sneaker feature a spray paint effect on the rounded toe.

off-white platform chunky beige sneakers Courtesy of Off-White
off-white chunky black sneakers Courtesy of Off-White

6. Off-White X Timberland Velvet Boots


Off-White teamed up with outdoor footwear stalwarts Timberland back in 2018 on these velvet boots. They mostly stay true to Timberland’s iconic style, though some now-sold-out iterations featured bold luminescent green and bright orange colorways. These black boots are almost indistinguishable from the classic Timbs, save for the branding on the inner body, velvet finish and steep price tag. These will keep you warm on colder days, but don’t plan on stomping through puddles or snow without adding an extra water repellent. Like the best Off-White sneakers, these shoes are also in short supply.

off-white x timberland velvet boots Courtesy of Farfetch
off-white x timberland velvet boot Courtesy of Off-White

7. Nike X Off-White Air Jordan 4


The collab to end all collabs: Nike x Off-White x Air Jordans. For sneakerheads who love designer sneakers as much as they love retro Nikes, it doesn’t get better than this. Abloh partnered with Nike to reinvent the famous retailer’s iconic Air Jordans. Released in Summer 2020, this sneaker blends the classic elements of the Air Jordan with Abloh’s signatures — tonal plastic cages and panels, bold text and — of course — a zip tie tag. Of course, it’s not exactly easy to find these days. We’ve included a link to popular online auction site StockX too help you in your search. (Women’s sizes are still available at FarFetch.)

Nike X Off-White Air Jordan 4 Courtesy of Farfetch
off-white nike Courtesy of Farfetch

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