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Why a One-Piece Bathing Suit Should Be Your Summer Go-To

* Created by New York-based resortwear brand, Flagpole
* Colorblock design for contemporary twist on beachwear
* Halter-tie design in back for ultimate fit

For swimsuit season, it’s clear to say that bikinis win the margin for most women. Bikinis are versatile and flattering with most body types, and at most stores, they are the most ubiquitous. However, this summer, consider being a style icon by opting for this stylish navy Flagpole Jade One-Piece.

With its sophisticated, chic design, the suit is still sexy but not too revealing. The plunging neckline allows for this one-piece to be considered daring, yet still modest in the right places. Its navy color with contrasting cream stripe design provides a calm, muted overall color tone. With darling features and high-quality material, this comfy one-piece is ideal for any beach day or tropical vacation trip. Much more interesting than mix and match bikinis, its halter back even shows off a cute, feminine detail with a practical tie for an added effect.

Designed from luxury swim and resortwear brand Flagpole, the diagonal colorblock panels create a flattering, alternative option for anyone looking to mix up their swimwear stripes.

The New York-based swimwear brand Flagpole is known for its practical, modish swimsuits. With strong color palettes as well as innovative, cheeky details, the brand’s swimwear has become a perfect representation of carefree beach style. Combining both city-inspired style with beach culture, the suits ooze both elegance and flirty fun.

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