Guys, Your Door Knob Is Not a Clothing Stand; Hang Your Ties and Belts On These Racks Instead

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* Organize your closet by keeping your ties and belts separated
* Protect your expensive accessories by giving them their own spot
* Save space and de-clutter

Ties and belts are essential for completing your look. But, it doesn’t look good if those same items are sloppily placed around your house. That’s also a quick way to damage your clothing accessories. But, you can protect your apparel and clean up your act around the house with these super helpful tie and belt racks. It’s a great way to start de-cluttering while also keeping your wardrobe organized and keeping things easy to find and in their place.

1. IPOW Tie Belt Racks

The IPOW Tie Belt Rack holds your ties and belts secure across 20 prongs, each with a round bulge on their rim to keep ties from falling to the floor. You can rotate the hooks 360-degrees around. And, you can move the arms down to the X position to make it easier to place, fetch or tidy up your ties, belts, and more.


2. ClosetMaid Tie and Belt Rack

ClosetMaid are the masters of helping you get organized. This rack provides plenty of hooks to help you organize your ties, belts and other accessories. It mounts on any door or wall.


3. Tenby Living Belt Rack

Here’s a rack that’s as stylish as any of the 14 belts or ties you put on it. This smart design from Tenby Living helps you save space and tidy your closet while keeping your most essential accessories easy to find and in reach.


4. Ohuhu Belt Hanger

Combat clutter with the Ohuhu Belt Hanger. It keeps ties and belts off the floor so they stay nice and neat. Its 12 polished, stainless steel hooks hold everything secure, while the gorgeous wood design adds a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.


5. mDesign Closet Organizer Rack

The mDesign Closet Organizer rack adds convenient custom storage to any closet or room. And, it’s versatile with 8 large hooks, 11 small hooks, and a basket on top that’s great for holding wallets, sunglasses, watches, loose change and more.


6. Rubbermaid FastTrack Tie & Belt Holder

If you’re a “tie guy” or a “belt guy.” you need the Rubbermaid FastTrack Tie & Belt Holder. It has a whopping 28 hooks to hang and organize all your accessories. It keeps everything easy to access. Plus, it mounts easily to underwire shelving.


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