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No Mess, No Stress With This Simple Scarf Storage

* This convenient scarf holder features 18 continuous loops
* It can also be used to store belts, ties and other accessories
* No assembly is required

A woman’s closet: sometimes her favorite place in the world, other times it looks like a bomb site. Interdesign has now created an Axis scarf hanger, which features 18 continuous loops to help you organize your clutter in an attractive, space-saving way. It’s not only usable for scarves, it can also store pashminas, belts, shawls or any other accessories you might be struggling to organize. For the guy in your life: get him one for his ties, belts and baseball caps (just un-snap your snapbacks and clip them around the hooks).

No hardware is required to assemble this scarf holder — simply hang it over any standard closet rod or hook. It’s made of steel with a copper finish, although you can choose between a copper color, chrome, brass or pearl as well. Different than typical scarf and accessory holders, the continuous loops also help prevent pesky snags.

Only 11.5″ x 9.5″ in size, it won’t take up your whole closet, but it is also large enough to store bigger winter scarves. The loops also vary slightly in size, making it easier to store different-sized pieces.

As it’s no longer scarf season, effective scarf storage is a great way to make sure you keep the season’s accessories wrinkle-free and ready, for whenever you feel that breeze.

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