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Save Up to 60% Now During OuterKnown’s Warehouse Sale

You heard that right, OuterKnown‘s semi-annual warehouse sale is here with up to 60% past-season favorites.

But, just because these picks are past season doesn’t mean you can’t wear them this fall and winter. We know, most folks see OuterKnown as solely a summer brand. But, don’t be fooled — OuterKnown has a variety of cold weather-ready staples. Heck, the majority of final sale options right now are made for cooler weather. That said, we’re in for a real treat.

The warehouse sale began on Wednesday 11/3 and will end on Tuesday 11/9. Price drops include the fan-favorite men’s Blanket Shirt, a chilly weather staple that just about everyone needs to get their hands on this season.

Save big on some of the coolest flannel shirts, most comfortable pants and best men’s hoodies of the season with our top picks from OuterKnown’s warehouse sale below.

1. OuterKnown Blanket Shirt Jacket

40% OFF

It would be wrong to start with anything else but OuterKnown’s Blanket Shirt. This heavyweight shirt is made for the coldest, toughest of days by using durable organic cotton twill that’s warm and cozier than you can imagine. It’s an ideal travel buddy whether you’re wearing on your preferred method of transportation or packing in your carry-on since it doesn’t wrinkle. Each shirt has a relaxed design to it so you don’t feel swaddled inside. It also makes for the perfect keep-at-your-work-desk shirt during the colder months.

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Courtesy of OuterKnown


2. OuterKnown Drifter Tapered Fit Pants

30% OFF

Made for the everyday explorer who isn’t afraid to add a little bit of pizzazz to their day-to-day adventures, the Drifter Tapered Fit Pants are offered in a number of colors to spark up your hike. These pants are made with a relaxed fit that works excellently both in the wilderness, out on the streets or up inside of the office. They use organic cotton twill with a mid-weight structure to ensure a comfortable fit no matter what the case may be. And, as we mentioned, they come in a slew of good-looking colors you simply have to check out for yourself.

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Courtesy of OuterKnown


3. OuterKnown Second Spin Hoodie

35% OFF

There’s never a bad time to add another hoodie to your collection — especially when it’s one of the prettiest colors we’re sure you don’t have hanging in your closet. The Second Spin Hoodie is 35% off right now and is currently available in four different colors, including this soft mauve below. But that’s not even the best part. This hoodie is made entirely from recycled clothing and factory scraps to create a truly eco-friendly hoodie that actually looks good. Trust us, this will soon become your go-to.

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Courtesy of OuterKnown


4. OuterKnown S.E.A. Tee Crew


These super-comfy shirts are discounted by 35% during the OuterKnown warehouse sale, which puts these crew-neck tees right in the sweet spot in terms of price. These tees are made from 100% organic cotton for a sustainable style that’s still affordable. They come in a few handsome colors, and with an under-$30 price tag, we recommend ordering one for every day of the week.

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5. OuterKnown Viento Breaker

60% OFF

Last but not least, we have to introduce you to one of the best price drops currently being offered at OuterKnown: 60% off the Viento Breaker. This vintage-looking breaker has an old-school, gym teacher vibe to it that we’re weirdly obsessed with. It has a relaxed fit and stays relatively lightweight to make it applicable to just about any season. Complete with a two-way zipper and a mesh-lined zip pocket for easy ventilation, this will quickly become a favorite.

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Courtesy of OuterKnown