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Check Out this Laidback Menswear Line Created by an Ex-MLB Pitcher

For us normal humans, a professional sports career is enough of an accomplishment for a lifetime. After all, there plenty of people who dream of playing in the big leagues and never make it. So when we come across a person who has not only excelled at professional sports but also went on to start his own clothing line, we felt compelled to share.

However he made it happen, Brandon League made it happen. A former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, and Los Angeles Dodgers, League has turned his attention away from the mound, and onto the world of men’s clothing. And after looking through his offerings, we’re glad he did.

Parallel League, the business in question, is a casual men’s lifestyle brand that takes heavy influences from League’s own Hawaiian heritage. The brand came about from a passion developed back in his days in Hawaii, before going to the big leagues to play baseball. His mother managed a Gucci store in Waikiki, giving a young Brand a place to visit after days spent on the beach.

Parallel League’s clothing is light and airy, but sturdy and sleek. From heavy flannel that is perfect for late summer nights, to thin and wispy shirts that feel like they were designed to pair with board shorts, these pieces give you the laidback feel of an island lifestyle, even if you’re nowhere near the water.

Parallel League offers a range of awesome apparel, from bomber jackets and hats to joggers and short-sleeve button-downs. To give you but a taste of the cool styles, we pulled together our four favorite items available at the shop right now.

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The modern heritage brand is presently offering free shipping on all of their items as well, making this an ideal purchase as we move into the warmer months of the year.



Made from 100% rayon, this short-sleeve button-down will quickly become your new favorite go-to shirt. Thanks to the rayon, this shirt is insanely light, making it a perfect companion to a white undershirt and a part of dark chinos. It’s the kind of shirt that looks good buttoned or unbuttoned, so long as it’s paired with an easy-going attitude.

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Courtesy of Parallel League


The best flannel shirt is one that can be worn all year long. It should be warm enough to handle a winter with some extra layers, but breathable enough for the summer. Bonus points if the styling is simple and therefore easy to pair with just about anything.

Take one quick look at the mustard and black flannel below, and you’ll see it checks all those boxes and then some. The 100% cotton shirt is relaxed enough to not overheat you in the summer, but thick enough to fight the wind in the winter. It looks great with just about anything, and that mustard color is just unique enough to help you stand out in a crowd.

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Courtesy of Parallel League


A good bomber jacket is simple but not boring, which is why we dig this one from Parallel League. The jacket comes in either black or navy, but keeps a very Hawaiian aesthetic on the back with the classic image of a hula dancer. And as a special bonus, it’s reversible! A quick flip and your bomber changes into a lightweight letterman-style jacket, making this a malleable style pick for just about any situation.

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Courtesy of Parallel League


At this point in time, everyone should own a pair of joggers. No more getting lost in pairs of overly baggy sweatpants. If you haven’t hopped on the jogger bandwagon yet, or perhaps you’re an avid collector like us, Parallel League’s take is very much worth your time. These joggers are made of a cotton/spandex mix which makes them light and flexible, yet also durable. These are the kind of joggers you can wear to brunch and also while skating. They come with a tapered leg and cuffed ankles, as well as two front pockets and a back pocket to carry your gear.

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Courtesy of Parallel League

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