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On The Record: Get Advice For Summer Style From a Stylist Herself

* Patricia Lagmay is a stylist in Los Angeles
* She has styled campaigns for Aritzia, Everlane and more
* Learn how to get her minimalist wardrobe that never goes out of style

Although you may not know the name Patricia Lagmay, you definitely know her work. A Canadian fashion stylist now based in LA, Lagmay has styled celebrities for the red carpet, editorial spreads, and worked on huge fashion campaigns for Aritzia, Everlane and many others that have appeared in magazines and on billboards across America.

Born in the Philippines, Lagmay moved with her family to Los Angeles as a young girl before re-locating to Vancouver, Canada. While living in Los Angeles, she remembers catching her love for fashion and styling at her local grocery store, saying she always found herself in the magazine section flipping through page after page of different publications. Lagmay says she has come “full circle” because that grocery store is right down the street from where this interview was. It’s a real-life walk down memory lane.

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Though she’s worked on a number of big projects thus far in her career, the shoot that Lagmay is most proud of is the recent underwear campaign she did for Everlane, saying it was “very refreshing to be celebrating the talent for who they were. We didn’t transform people or try to fit them in a box.”

The Everlane campaign appeared across the U.S. on billboards and posters, and Lagmay says it was a thrill to see something she had worked on, make such a big splash across the country. More than the acclaim though, Lagmay liked the message that the underwear campaign carried. “I try to make a personal promise with myself to work with brands who have similar values to mine and have deeper values than the bottom line of the company,” says Lagmay as she opens up more about the  shoot. “It has been my favorite to work on with them so far.”

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A true expert when it comes to fashion and helping people find their own unique style, Lagmay’s personal passions these days revolve around thinking more consciously when it comes time to shopping for herself and when she’s styling for a company. You might look great, she says, but you want to feel great about what you’re buying and putting on too.

Lagmay’s advice: “You should try to be more aware of who you’re giving your dollar to,” she says. Considering the brand itself, worker’s wages or conditions, where the clothing is sourced from and how ethical the company is, are huge factors that we should all be more conscious of. “So many more brands are becoming more conscious,” she says, “so make sure to educate yourself.” In short: do a little research the next time you buy something; you’ll be surprised how good you feel about buying from a moral company.

With a busy schedule between constantly traveling for work and being on set nearly every day of the week, Lagmay took some time out to chat with us about her love for a minimalist wardrobe and how important it is to find pieces that are both practical and easy to wear. She shared her three current essential items for summer and what her go-to outfit looks like that works for any kind of day.


The Summer Essentials


1. Straw Hat

We all know how hot and sunny it can be during the summer. For Lagmay, a big straw hat is essential for location shoots that are outdoor so she can keep the sun out of her face and stay cool while on set for sometimes hours on end. A straw hat is also a great choice for the pool, beach or an outdoor get together. Best of all, this one from Amazon is fashionable, affordable and has a huge brim that is prime for blocking out sun.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Lightweight Jacket

A lightweight jacket during the summer is definitely an item that is overlooked but shouldn’t be. If it happens to be a cloudy or uncharacteristically cold day that catches you off guard, you’ll really appreciate that lightweight jacket that can be draped over your shoulders or your tote bag. Grab one of these blazers for a professionally stylish twist to the chillier days. “I like this jacket because the fabric is really good at being fairly wrinkle-resistant, so it’s perfect for throwing into a tote,” Lagmay says.

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Image courtesy of Everlane[/caption]


3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is by far one of the items that people neglect to put on before going about their day when it should really be the first thing you do. Just because you’re not tanning at the beach doesn’t mean the sun rays can’t hurt you, because they really can. Whether it’s some SPF in your makeup or some lotion on your face and body, you should try incorporating it into your daily routine, like Lagmay does.

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The Go-To Outfit


1. A Simple Tee

A simple tee is probably the best staple any person can have in their wardrobe. Affordable and versatile, do not be afraid to own one in, like, every color. This signature cropped tee from Everlane is budget-friendly and cropped just the right amount to show a little skin, but still look put together.

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Image courtesy of Everlane


2. Vintage Jeans

Lagmay was sporting a pair of vintage GUESS jeans from the 90s and paired them with an unbutton white collared shirt that she elegantly tied loosely in the front with a solid cami underneath. It was simple, chic and as cool as it sounds. Vintage jeans also will never not be trending, so get your hands on a pair whether they’re GUESS, Levi’s, or something else if you haven’t already.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


3. Comfy Shoes

A pair of comfy shoes, like sandals, flats or sneakers, are a principal item that every person should invest in. They’re easy to just throw on and go for when you’re in a hurry or when you know you have a long day of moving or standing ahead of you. The minimalist sandals from TKEES come in three different colors that are suitable for any look.

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If Lagmay is considering splurging on an item, she actually does the opposite of what a lot of other people do: she splurges on something timeless and essential. And, it makes sense. You’ll actually wear and get use out of a high-quality shirt or pair of jeans, unlike say, that couture studded leather jacket you’ve been wanting for some reason. “Shop smarter,” she says, “and it’ll actually save you money in the long run.”

“If you’re comfortable, it’ll show. If you’re not comfortable, it’ll show,” Lagmay says, when asked what her best advice is when it comes to fashion. And it’s pretty damn good advice that should be kept in the back of your head at all times, honestly. Comfort is key, and Lagmay’s basically got it down pat.