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Upgrade Any Suit With This Graphic Pocket Square From Paul Smith

* Applies an animal graphic to the classic men’s accessory
* Classic palette works with any suit
* Made in Italy from fine silk

Although men’s suiting is no longer at the forefront of fashion, it remains an ever-evolving pillar of the clothing industry, and should be an ever-evolving staple in a man’s wardrobe. The key to being a master suit-wearer is picking the right accessories. This Paul Smith pocket square is a great example of how a small detail can subtly elevate your entire suit.

Following the recent trend of detailed animal motifs, this pocket square features a multicolor graphic print of a bird on a navy background with a black border. It’s standard sized at 13.5” and is made in Italy from pure silk.

In the bottom corner is the Paul Smith logo printed in off-white. The bird motif makes this pocket square unique, but the quality materials and low-key palette keep it classic.

With this pocket square, Paul Smith has shown its capacity to elegantly upgrade a classic accessory with a modern design. Pocket squares provide the opportunity to add a level of uniqueness to your suit, and this one does so with class. Being navy and black, it works with everything, so make it a go-to for your office outfit or elevate a casual suit and T-shirt for happy hour.

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