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Re-Create the Summer of Love With This Marc Jacobs Peace Sign Ring

* Victory Hand Ring by Marc Jacobs
* Sterling silver craftsmanship
* Etched logo at the inside of the band

We spy one of the sweetest accessories for summertime.

While the peace sign symbol is always in style, the icon seems especially well-suited for the summer, representing a celebration of the season that’s full of fun, self expression and adventure. Marc Jacobs’ slim, sterling silver ring offers a subtle way to wear the ubiquitous symbol, without looking like you’ve stepped out of a 1960’s music festival.

Inspired by the summer of love, Marc Jacobs designed this adorable peace sign ring that adds a subtle charm and message without looking over the top. Composed of shiny sterling silver, the Victory Hand Ring features a small hand making a peace sign on a slim band. The peace sign is universally recognizable, and paired with the gorgeous sterling silver it looks elevated compared to hippy fashion staples that don’t lend to an age-appropriate look.

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The iconic Marc Jacobs logo is etched at the interior for a thoughtful touch. The dainty ring is minimal, making a subtle statement that’s easily paired with other silver rings or jewelry items. Wear it with a t-shirt and jeans or let it dazzle with your favorite sun dress for a beautiful bohemian look.

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