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Looking For a Nude Lipstick? Consult Your Nipples For The Perfect Color Match

* According to doctors, the best lipstick shade match is the color of your nipples
* Nipple color tends to be one to two shades darker than skin
* The theory may not be fool-proof, say dermatologists

When it comes to matching your belt with your shoes, or not wearing white after Labor Day, the rules no longer apply. But this latest beauty news will have you re-thinking the “rules” when it comes to finding the perfect nude lipstick shade based on your skin tone.

Last week, NBC’s hit talk show, The Doctors, suggested that the best way to determine the perfect shade is to simply look under your shirt. That’s right, rather than worrying about trying to find your suitable shade and its complimentary undertone at the makeup counter, just look at your nipple color for the perfect shade match. Dr. Travis Stork, M.D, says in the clip below, “We have a great way to pick your best shade for your face. What you want to do [is] you want to match your nipple color. Nature knows best.”

While this news may sound a bit wacky, it actually kind of makes sense. As many of us know, choosing the perfect neutral hue for your lipstick can be a challenging task.  No one wants to resurrect the awful “concealer lips” trend that became a unfortunate beauty staple circa 2002. Instead of aimlessly browsing Sephora trying to find that coveted perfect nude, rely on nature’s colorist instead.

Dermatologists agree that this theory is partially correct as nipple color tends to be one to two shades darker from the skin on the rest of our bodies, but the theory isn’t entirely fool-proof. According to dermatologists, the color of nipples can change due to variety of reasons, including aging, diabetes and hormonal changes. Even bathing with a loofah scrub can temporarily darken the nipple color—perhaps leading you to a skewed result. Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.