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Keep Cool All Summer Long With Ace & Jig’s Breezy Plaid Mini Dress

* Pastel plaid mini dress
* Cool and comfortable 100% cotton construction
* Button placket and fold-over collar

Known for their custom fabrics woven on antique Indian hand looms, Ace & Jig founders Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson let materials lead their designs. Key example? The cheerful madras plaid mini dress seen here.

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Cut from primary colors of red, blue and yellow, they look as if they’ve been mellowed by the sun and come together to create a vibrant, large-scale plaid. The light 100% cotton fabric makes this a breezy no-brainer to throw on when temperatures soar during the height of summer, satisfying the weightless feeling we look for in hot weather clothes.

A mini-dress by any definition, it’s hemline, however, doesn’t cross into uncomfortably short territory. This dress is not so brief that you’re hobbled by constant checks for indecency. Just the opposite: the relaxed fit drapes off the body comfortably, and a modest half-button placket can be worn close to the neck or undone for a more laid-back effect. A fold-over point collar and short sleeves give this a twist of classic shirt-dress styling that’s one part preppy, one part vintage-cool. And with thoughtfully placed pockets, this piece checks all the right boxes for function and style.

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