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This Subscription Box Service Has Big Plans to Reshape the Plus-Size Fashion Industry

* Subscription box service working with labels to offer plus-size pieces
* Each customer takes quiz to help stylists select items appropriately
* The company has plans to improve plus-size fashion with new campaign

Finally, it seems that the fashion industry is beginning to expand beyond the notoriously limited fashion options for plus-sized women. Last Sunday, the highly-anticipated Victoria Beckham x Target collection launched, offering pieces in up to size 24 for the first time in Target designer collaboration history. However, despite slight improvements to the market, over 70% of American women wear a size 14 or above and trying to find a fashionable wardrobe that actually fits isn’t easy. Thanks to the founders at Dia & Co. this may be changing quickly.

Dia & Co. offers a unique shopping experience for plus-size women, aimed at filling a major gap in the current fashion retail market, while also capitalizing on one of the hottest shopping trends of the moment: subscription boxes. The straightforward service will send you an adorable subscription box containing a curated selection of five plus-size clothing pieces, for just $20 per month. If shoppers don’t like the items sent, they can simply return them at no additional cost.

Not only are the boxes curated with on-trend items, but the included items are selected based on the shopper’s customized preferences. Each new member takes a personalized quiz, answering questions and filling assessment information such as which styles the customer are drawn to, which body part that want to show off, etc. Dia & Co. stylists and buyers then create personalized boxes tailored to the unique needs and preferences specified in each user profile.

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Dia & Co.’s ultimate goal though, doesn’t end at filling a gap in the plus-size fashion industry but rather, the founder wants to encourage fashion designers (affordable, high end and luxury) to expand their offerings to plus-size women and create marketing campaigns that don’t marginalize women of a particular shape and size.

That’s where Dia’s recently launched “Move Fashion Forward” campaign comes in. The program offers technical, consulting and other forms of support to designers to help them expand their size offerings. As Dia & Co. co-founder Nadia Boujarwah tells Racked, “Our offer to designers is we’ll do all the work. We have the teams, we have the tech, we have the expertise, we have the customers. If we work together and you’re willing to truly, truly, truly be invested in creating something beautiful for these women, we’d love to partner with you.” The company says it will officially announce its partnerships within the next couple of months.