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Get a Spa-Like Experience On The Go With This Portable Facial Steamer

* Facial mister boasts compact, lightweight design, smaller than an iPhone
* Comes with rechargeable, built-in battery and USB cable for easy charging
* Makes a great gift for anyone in your life

Bring a spa-like experience into your home with the portable Cooskin Nano Handy Mist Spray Atomization Facial Mister. Relax and pamper yourself with this mister that utilizes nanotechnology to convert water into a mist of nanoscale proportions all in just under one minute.

What does all that mean you may ask? It just means this device is a designed on a very small scale to emit a very fine and luxurious mist. The portable design enables you to take the steamer with you wherever you may go and is small enough to fit in a purse or your back pocket.  Enjoy a facial sauna no matter where you are, from the office, on a plane or even in the back of an Uber.

To use: simply open up the small water chamber and add water (mineral or regular water will do, although some people also like adding a few drops of rose oil or fragrance). Cover the plug and the water tank, then hold the sprayer vertically and keep it about 15 cm from your face; push down the sliding cap switch and start to spray.

Facial misting and steaming is an ideal way to begin any at-home facial regimen. The cool mist helps to open up your pores which will enhance the benefits of any skincare regimen, making standard cleansers and products that follow much more effective. This steamer will infuse the skin with hydration, purify and stimulate the skin cells, which will in turn help to improve circulation. The result is healthier skin and an immediate facial glow.

Facial steamers are notorious for having multiple benefits as well. In addition to being a mini spa treatment, the Nano Mist can be used to remove any impurities and makeup on your skin, help naturally treat sinus congestion, aromatherapy, fatigue relief and help to hydrate and lengthen the life of eyelash extensions.

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