Daily Deal: This Portable Garment Steamer Is Just $20 and Works On All Fabrics and Materials

best portable garment steamer
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* Steam clothes efficiently and effortlessly with ultra-fast heat technology 
* Works to removes wrinkles on all types of fabrics and materials
* Get 78% off on steamer while deal lasts

Having another late start to your morning? Are you stressing out because you have a meeting to catch but have to take time out to iron your wrinkly clothes? You can save your precious time and stress a little less with this powerful hand-held steamer, guaranteed to remove the most stubborn of wrinkles from your clothes so you can catch your super important meeting.

Whether you travel often for work, are heading out for a date, or just need to look more presentable for your day, this portable steamer by Tadge Goods will save the day. Regularly $90, it’s on sale right now for just $19.99 — that’s a whopping 78% off.

portable garment steamer Image Courtesy Amazon

So what makes this steamer so different? The Tardge steamer has advanced, ultra-fast heating technology that steams water in as fast as 60 seconds, adding extra efficiency to the task. Its unique nozzle design distributes powerful steam evenly throughout your garment, tackling even the toughest wrinkles with just a couple quick passes.

Safety features are a plus: an overheating protection feature automatically shuts off the steamer when it gets too off. There’s also leakage protection, to make sure no drops of water are spilling onto your floor – or dangerously near the electric cord.

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In addition to the heating technology, this steamer comes equipped with an 180mL tank which means you don’t have to waste time refilling your tank. This compact steamer is hand-held, lightweight and portable which makes it ideal for traveling to provide last-minute wrinkle relief. The best part: the portable garment steamer is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can snag this deal with confidence.

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