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Improve Your Posture And Straighten Your Spine Just by Wearing This Shirt

* Fix posture and improve spinal alignment by wearing this under-shirt
* Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial shirts
* Holds your scapula and back in place like a second skin 

Having great posture at the workplace and during long hours spent at a desk is something that many of us struggle to maintain. Especially with our smartphones occupying our attention for hours a day, which causes us to slouch forward and lose that straight spine in the meantime. But because good posture is something people notice right away, it is important to consider the way you sit and stand throughout the day. When walking or working with excellent posture, you tend to carry yourself better, look taller and appear to have a more confident demeanor. There are a few ways to improve our postures,  like these foam cushions and posture braces, but now we have found an undershirt that is the most non-invasive way to set you up for a better stance.

IntelliSkin shirts are the best answer to posture-supporting fashion that actually keeps you snug with a tight-fitting design meant to feel like you are wearing a second skin. Crafted from a mesh material that is meant to move with you, the shirt holds your shoulders back in place when you stand correctly and even wicks away moisture and is anti-microbial. The shirt was designed with the ethos that by correcting your posture you actually breathe better and oxygenate your blood, which can even help shift your mood just by pulling your shoulders back and opening up your chest space.

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3 Simple Steps to Activate Your PostureCue V-Tee:

  1. Lift neckline
  2. Pull back hem of your shirt down firmly, feel the panels set in place
  3. Pull sleeves until smooth
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They use their PostureCue technology, which engages your underused posture muscles, training your muscles and strengthening your core so you can comfortably stand with a straight spine and unparalleled confidence. The brand recommends that you start this fitness training, as they call it, by wearing the shirt for 30-60 minutes to begin and then as you become more comfortable with the fit, begin to wear it all day. It is meant to be worn under work shirts, alone during workouts and any time during the day so you can start to reap the benefits of having excellent posture. The sizing is offered in a variety of tiers beginning from XS to XXXL and it is very important to get the correct size for you as the fit will determine how effective the posture-correcting features will work.

One Amazon reviewer had this to say about the shirt, “I love this product, they have allowed me to work and play. I broke my neck a few years back and I have chronic debilitating pain. I wear these shirts 24/7 to help keep my posture. I’m 180 6’2″ muscular and I wear their medium size. It fits tight but they’re supposed to fit tight.” Although this shirt is on the pricier end of the spectrum, ringing in at $100, it is a worthy investment for those who need extra support in the posture department and are also looking for an athletic shirt that doubles as an effective system for bringing your shoulders back and your spine aligned.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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