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A Men’s Jacket With Staying Power

* Slim silhouette 
* Signature diagonal pockets 
* Quilted design is warm without being bulky 

This Powell jacket from Barbour is great for layering in winter and makes for a perfect spring and fall coat as well. From the esteemed British label, this jacket pairs rugged elegance with a trim silhouette, classic quilted construction and signature diagonal front pockets. Suitable for men of all ages, the Powell quilted coat is at home in any outerwear collection.

It’s an especially useful jacket in that it bridges the gap between your lighter windbreakers and summer outerwear, and the heavier wool pea coats and lined winter coats. Designed for layering, the Powell coat by Barbour is snug and warm enough for frosty early mornings or a walk through the neighborhood on a winter evening, yet light enough to pack easily and bring with you on day trips in the summer.

An excellent camping jacket as well, it’s water resistant and very comfortable for walking and hiking. Fit and finish is up to Barbour’s lofty standards, with precise, firm stitching and supple materials used throughout. The Powell quilted coat offers much of the warmth and all-weather versatility of a puffer jacket, but thanks to its slim silhouette, it remains a much more presentable and stylish piece of outerwear.

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This jacket can even be worn with a dress shirt and slacks to more formal or business-casual occasions. It will keep the rain off your oxford shirt but won’t make you look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man.

In temperate climates, the winter coat can be something of an albatross; you do need one maybe three or four days out of the year, but if you wear a puffer jacket on the way to your meeting in some mid-latitude city like San Francisco or Milan, you wind up looking silly when the sun comes out and you’re dressed for Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage. The Barbour quilted coat avoids all that, letting you have warmth and a slim, stylish silhouette at the same time.

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