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3 Chic Alternatives to Barneys’ $150 Paperclip

* Luxury brands are now taking on office supplies
* Barneys is selling a paperclip for $150
* Our options are a third of the price or less

There seems to be a growing trend among luxury brands to reimagine very mundane things, like a paperclip or rock, and then slap a high price tag on them.

This past December, for example, Nordstrom’s sold out of a rock wrapped in leather that retailed for $85. It was literally a rock wrapped in leather. More recently, Balenciaga found itself in hot water when it began selling a blue tote bag that looked eerily similar to IKEA’s 99-cent bag, except this one was selling for $2,145.

Just last month, Barneys began selling a sterling silver paperclip-shaped money clip from Prada for $185. It’s no longer available, but Barneys is selling their very own version for $150.

As ridiculous as that might be, the idea of using a heavy-duty paperclip as a money clip is actually pretty clever. So we found a few alternatives that are just as chic, but well under $150.

1. Sabrina Silver Sterling Silver Paperclip

If you’re not quite sure that a paperclip can sufficiently take the place of your wallet, then this is the one to test the waters with. Made from sterling silver –as are all of our other picks–this one is the most straight forward design of the bunch. It’s made in Italy and measures just under 2.5 inches.


2. WithLoveSilver Sterling Silver Paperclip

OK, you’re ready to commit to the paperclip life, but you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, right? How about this wide-body version? It’s about 2.8 inches in length and nearly an inch wide, which puts it in the more traditional money clip space. But this clip’s flat design won’t be as noticeable in your pocket.


3. Sterling Manufacturers Sterling Silver Paperclip

Stacked like a traditional paperclip but with square edges, this polished sterling silver rendition screams luxury at a third of the price. What more would you want out of a paperclip anyway?

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