Steady Spectacles: 3 Things to Prevent Your Glasses from Sliding

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* Smart products to help keep your glasses in place
* Choose from gels, nose pads and more
* Compatible with all types of glasses (including sunglasses)

Tired of dealing with excessively heavy or drooping glasses? Maybe you’ve just found the perfect pair but the frame is too big for your face. Whatever your ocular issues, these easy items are designed to help keep your glasses in place and prevent them from sliding. Whether you’re dealing with unruly reading glasses, sunglasses or daily driving glasses, these items are sure to offer a helping hand.

1. GMS Comfortable Silicone Anti-slip Holder

This simple solution fits virtually any pair of glasses—reading glasses, sunglasses and more. With a super soft silicone design, they provide an extremely comfortable fit without ever getting in the way. Best of all, you can choose from different colors to match the look of your glasses.

GMS-Comfortable-Silicone-Anti-slip-Holder- Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses

And when you don’t want clip-ons, this smart wax sticks to your glasses to help keep them in place. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Nerdwax goes on easy and leaves no oily residue. Depending on the amount you apply, it can last from one hour to the entire day.

Nerdwax-Stop-Slipping-Glasses- Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Gejoy Soft Foam Nose Pads

No clips, no gel, no problem. These super discreet nose pads are roughly 1mm thick and are designed to stick to the inner rims of your glasses, thereby adding some much-needed support. They’re so small you’ll forget they’re even there.

Gejoy-Soft-Foam-Nose-Pads-Self-Adhesive-Thin-Nosepads- Image courtesy of Amazon

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