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33% Off Privé Revaux: 15 Pairs of Celebrity-Approved Shades to Buy Right Now

* Get the must-have sunglasses worn by Bella Hadid, Nick Jonas, J.Lo and more
* Prices cut from $29.95 to only $19.95
* Sale ends tonight at 11:59pm

We know how much you love Privé Revaux, the eyewear brand owned in part by Ashley Benson, Jamie Foxx and Hailee Steinfeld, so that’s why we had to tell you about this deal right away. Right now at Amazon, you can save 33% on top-selling frames from the popular brand. Regularly priced at $29.95, you can score a pair of these celebrity-approved shades for only $19.95. Lightning sale ends tonight at 11:59pm, but if experience tells us anything, it’s that the most popular styles always sell out fast. So don’t wait. Order yours now.

1. “The Commando”

[caption id="attachment_93763" align="aligncenter" width="691"]PRIVÉ REVAUX The Commando Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Commando for $19.95


2. “The Warhol”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Warhol for $19.95


3. “The Warrior”

[caption id="attachment_93766" align="aligncenter" width="691"]PRIVÉ REVAUX “The Warrior” Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Warrior for $19.95


4. “The Bruce”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Bruce for $19.95


5. “The Explorer”

[caption id="attachment_93770" align="aligncenter" width="597"]PRIVÉ REVAUX “The Explorer” Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Explorer for $19.95


6. “The Monet”

[caption id="attachment_93772" align="aligncenter" width="597"]PRIVÉ REVAUX ICON Collection “The Monet” Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Monet for $19.95


7. “The Dealer”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Dealer for $19.95


8. “The Madam”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Madam for $19.95


9. “The Blake”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Blake for $19.95


10. “The Connoisseur”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Connoisseur for $19.95


11. “The Hepburn”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Hepburn for $19.95


12. “The Ace”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Ace for $19.95


13. “The Benz”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Benz for $19.95


14. “The Marquise”

Get PRIVÉ REVAUX The Marquise for $19.95


15. “The G.O.A.T”

Get  PRIVÉ REVAUX The G.O.A.T for $19.95


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