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Review: We’re Obsessed With These Cotton Yoga Pants from Pudolla

Practicing yoga can benefit the body and mind. Increasing strength, length, and flexibility while reducing screen time, yoga simply heals. When trying to find zen, thinking about your clothing should not detract.

Most yoga gear, including men’s yoga pants, yoga shorts, and even mats are unnecessarily expensive, and sometimes leave you wondering if they’re actually better for your performance, let alone more comfortable. Worrying about the price is not something to do when seeking relief. And while yours truly has tried yoga pants from many companies, from mid-tier to luxury brands, most have left me wanting to change them after practice. Pudolla pants have changed that for me. 

The Pudolla pants tested for this review. Michael Berman | SPY

I’m not sure about you, but I look for natural, comfortable fabrics instead of synthetic alternatives. Pudolla’s yoga pants are not only soft and mostly cotton, but they also have an adjustable drawstring at the waist. Toning one’s body takes enough work — ease through it with pants that offer solace from the moment you put them on. 

While little is published about Pudolla, their products are climbing the charts on Amazon for best-selling men’s yoga pants, so we felt a review was in order. To review these pants, I wore three different pairs in as many colors to the gym every day, for six weeks. Don’t worry — they’ve been washed.

These Pudolla Pants, earning 3,000-plus Amazon reviews, have brought comfort and functionality to my yoga practice. Read more below about how they can do the same for yours. 

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$34.99 $42.99

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  • Added spandex for greater mobility
  • Drawstring closure to accommodate waistline changes
  • Elastic waistband that supports
  • Relaxed fit with an open bottom
  • Very affordable
  • Fast responsiveness to questions
  • Inseam can be slightly longer than indicated on the Amazon product page’s size guide
  • Camo = no-no for me

Pudolla Pants: Features We Love

Mostly natural cotton, these pants let your skin breathe as you move through your vinyasa. The 8% touch of spandex allows the fabric to stretch as you shift through poses. Whether Downward-Facing Dog, Chaturanga, or the Warriors, each asana feels effortless with this cotton blend. 

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With these yoga pants, it’s all about the drawstring. Pudolla considers how your body can change as you work out. The personalized drawstring closure enhances comfort while the elastic waistband keeps you contained. 

Let’s not forget storage. These pants have two deep side pockets and one back pocket for essential items like keys, phones, and cash. 

Pudolla Pants Fit: Relaxed for Free Movement 

Pudolla pants emphasize simplicity and comfort. These principles are evident in their choice to design relaxed-fit pants with open bottoms. You don’t have to conform to a specific size or shape to enjoy this easy fit. 

On their Amazon page, Pudolla provides a detailed sizing chart that outlines the waist, hip, and inseam measurements that correspond with each size. While these details are somewhat subjective, especially in my case (more later), they are useful for first-time buyers. 

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Pudolla pants come in a wide range of colors including khaki, storm grey, green, and more. There are a few camouflage options, though, I felt that broke the palette of pleasing neutrals and classic colors. 

How Did Pudolla Pants Perform During Yoga? 

These pants have consistently elevated my yoga practice by not restricting mobility. Moving into poses like Tree and Half Pigeon often requires agility and concentration. I’ve found that other yoga pants with synthetic fabrics hinder my performance with constant adjusting whereas Pudolla pants move with me, easily. They stretch but stay comfortable, delivering mobility in often-complicated movement transitions and holds. 

I will say, however, that the pant length is a bit off the mark. The inseam is definitely longer than the chart indicates by up to two inches. With that said, the value and comfort of the Pudolla pant make up for minor cons. 

The Verdict: Should You Buy Pudolla Pants for Yoga?

If you value simplicity over fussiness, natural fabrics over synthetic, comfort over conforming, and performance over empty promises, you have to try these pants. My experience has been positive, enough so that I wear mine for my full gym routine AND while lounging at home. 

A fusion of movement fluidity and comfort is possible with Pudolla Yoga Pants. Really, it’s a no-brainer. Try today. 

Courtesy of Amazon

$34.99 $42.99

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