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Puma’s Newest Collection Is Celebrating 70 Years of Tony the Tiger Through Stylish Sneakers

Puma’s newest sneakers aren’t just good, “They’re grrrrrreat!”

Today, December 1, Puma teamed up with Frosted Flakes to celebrate 70 years of everyone’s favorite cereal box mascot. That’s right; it’s Tony the Tiger’s 70th birthday. Oh, how time flies.

Courtesy of Puma

We can picture it effortlessly: waking up at 7 AM for Saturday morning cartoons, rushing to the cereal cabinet and dumping as many Frosted Flakes as possible into the biggest bowl you can find. Not to mention, slurping that milk afterward? Sheesh. It’s a joyous feeling that can’t be matched.

To commemorate that feeling and 70 years of Frosted Flakes, Puma has officially released a few pairs of sneaks in collaboration with Tony the Tiger for sneakerheads and cereal lovers alike. And it’s safe to say that they’re one of the best sneakers to drop in 2022.

Just in time to make one of the best Christmas gifts of the year, Puma has released this collaboration in two styles that are available in both adult and kids sizing.

Courtesy of Puma

The pairs are effervescent, to say the least. The Roma sneaker is covered in a suede primary blue that matches the color of Tony’s nose. It’s topped with a black and orange tiger stripe design on the side in addition to red and white detailing toward the bottom. It’s more or less the less-funky option of the two.

The other sneak is fully covered in suede black and orange tiger stripes aside from a white side strip, blue tongue and white chunky sole. It’s a total standout when paired with any outfit. A head-turner, for sure.

These sneakers are available for a limited time only to celebrate Tony’s birthday and we’re sure they will sell out rather quickly. Be sure to pick them up in your size below before it’s too late.

Courtesy of Puma