This $20 Organizer Will Prevent Your Handbag From Becoming a “Black Hole” Ever Again

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* A pocket-filled insert to give your handbag a new level of organization
* Made from a soft, thick felt to protect your belongings in your bag
* Available in three sizes and multiple colors to fit every bag in your collection

Over the course of a lifetime, if you added up all the time you’ve spent searching through the black hole of lipsticks, old receipts, and “essentials” you keep in your bag, it would be hours, if not days. Why not take back this time and give everything in your bag its own place? The Ceewa Organizer  is a pocket-filled insert made to slip inside your existing handbag and provide a little more order to the chaos.

The oval-shaped organizer is made from high-quality felt and features several individual pockets of varying sizes and shapes. These pockets are ideal for storing your handbag staples, like your smartphone, wallet, glasses and cosmetics. The handy divider is also built to be sturdy enough to keep your things where you put them, yet pliable and lightweight enough to bend freely. That way you don’t even notice a change to your bag when it’s closed.

bag organizer purse handbag organized felt insert CEEWA Image courtesy of Amazon

The Ceewa organizer is also available in a range of sizes, which means there’s one to fit into every handbag you own. The simple, pull-out design also makes it easy to move your stuff easily when you’re switching handbags, as you only need to move the organizer instead of each individual item.

In addition, the effective dividing system doesn’t just provide separation and organization for your belongings, the thick and soft felt also offers protection for your bag’s interior and your electronics by isolating any sharp edges, like keys and keychains. The organizer also comes in multiple attractive colors, including red, black and pink, to match your bag’s exterior or even provide a fun new color pairing.

Say so-long to your black hole of a handbag and enjoy the ease of a well-organized purse.