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Lizzo Says VOTE: Shop the Limited Edition Quay x Lizzo Mask Before It’s Gone

Lizzo can tell me to do anything and I’d probably do it. Stream Cuz I Love You? Duh, Lizzo, of course. Boss up and change my life? Lizzo, you’re totally right. Down my seventh tequila shot of the night when I already can’t feel my legs? Fine, Lizzo, you win. Vote? Absolutely, Lizzo, 200%. Thank you for reminding me to save democracy.

Lizzo says VOTE, bitch, so you better get your ass out to the polls. Our queen has teamed up with Quay Australia to get the word out with their badass SPEAK OUT mask featuring an all-black fabric with white, graffitied lettering picturing the word you’re going to hear again and again until November: VOTE!

You can get the SPEAK OUT mask on Quay Australia’s website right now for just $10. Each mask is final sale but note that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund as well as the Election Protection (a project of Lawyers’ Committee) with no extra cost to you. It’s time to mask up and speak up while doing so.

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Courtesy of Quay Australia

Wearing this mask is a great way to remind folks all across the world (but especially those in the US) that it is time to use your voice even while our mouths are covered. Lizzo simply will not stand for any more narcissistic, racist, idiotic and power-hungry individuals in office. It’s time to vote them out for good.

During a time that’s as tumultuous and weird as it is right now, it’s more important than ever to remind the country that voting is our right as American citizens. Especially for young and first-time voters, getting yourself out to the polls is the most important thing you can do to close out this wild year we’ve had. We need to take action, so this mask is a dope-looking reminder to sport for those you come in contact with on your socially-distanced errands like trips to the grocery store or laundromat. You know, really the only places we’ve been going this year.

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Courtesy of Quay

You’re wearing a face mask anyway, right? Right? Good. You better be. So, why not ditch that ugly, baby blue disposable mask for a facial covering that evokes power when you wear it? The mask itself is comfortable to wear for most face shapes and is made with an inner filtering layer between the inner knit and outer shell, which is something lots of cloth masks don’t have. It’s reusable and deserves a wash each night before bed as any other cloth face mask does, so realistically speaking, you already know how to take care of this bad boy.