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It’s Time You Buy This and Banish Your Bulky Wallet for Good

In a world of skinny jeans and fitted suits, the old school bulky wallet is a fashion non-starter. Replace that heft with Radix One’s slim wallet, which comfortably holds four to ten cards on the inside, and cash securely on the outside. It functions like a money clip, with the contemporary styling of a sleek, minimalist wallet.

Featuring a simple, unisex design, the Radix One is significantly slimmer than other wallets, making it perfect to stash securely in your front pocket, or inside a coat. Crafted from strong, durable polycarbonate parts, it’ll hold up to repeated use without fraying or losing its shape.

The wallet is approximately 0.25 inches thick with nothing in it, and as you add cards or cash, it doesn’t bulge or distort. Instead, it gracefully expands, adding just 0.25 inches or so with up to ten cards stored inside of it and bills on the outside.

The Radix One wallet has more than 2200 reviews online, with almost 80% of users giving it four stars and higher. Fans rave about the ease of use – you can even leave your parking access card in it and scan the whole wallet.

You can still carry your life in your wallet; the Radix One Slim Wallet just makes it a much lighter, easier journey. Don’t wait. Buy it now.

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