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Say Goodbye to Flimsy Pocket Squares With RARE CUT, a Memory-Metal Fabric That Stays in Place

Pocket squares are up there with bow ties and cuff links as some of the spiffiest of men’s accessories. Formalwear is great for special occasions on its own, but add in a few extra accessories and your look is instantly elevated. Men’s fashion is both limited and expansive at the same time because of items like the dependable pocket square. A great pocket square adds a pop of color and personality to a classic suit look, the one problem? The shape. Pocket squares tend to lose their shape easily or worse — totally disappear in your pocket. No matter what fold you do — it always ends up slumped over. Until now – RARE CUT has designed a memory-metal lined pocket square that stays in place after folding, so you can party on knowing your look is still polished AF.

Onyx Dots Pocket Square

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Courtesy of RARE CUT

RARE CUT’s pocket squares are a “fold it and forget it” variety — it’ll stay in place no matter what and requires no adjustments after you place it. They’re super easy to fold because they stay in place, so styling them only takes a few seconds. The metal inside also makes the fabric much more durable and wrinkle-resistant. They’re also soft and available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The pocket squares were created by fashion industry experts and the patterns were designed by small local artists.