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Refresh Your Summer Look With These Distinctive Shades

* Ray-Ban’s latest update to a classic shape
* Made in Italy with solid, premium materials
* Upholds Ray-Ban prestige

Summer really can’t begin until you’re satisfied with your sunglasses. Like a great pair of shoes, a unique pair of sunglasses has the ability to elevate your entire outfit. We found these octagonal Ray-Bans that will do just that. The unique shape will stand out in a sea of wayfarers and aviators, and the reliability and heritage of the Ray-Ban brand guarantees durability and classic style.

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Ray-Ban is the undeniable king of sunglasses. Since its creation in 1936, Ray-Ban has introduced or inspired almost every major sunglass style around. Their placement in classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Top Gun has made the brand more famous than the A-listers who rock them.

One of the ways Ray-Ban has continued to stay on top of the game is by reintroducing and upgrading classic looks. These octagonal sunglasses are Ray-Ban’s latest rejuvenation, and do a fantastic job of updating this timeless shape.

As you would expect, these shades are made in Italy using high-quality materials. The retro-inspired look has been upgraded for superior comfort with a curved bridge, adjustable nose pads and havana-tipped arms. They will stay on your face no matter how hard you day-rage this summer, and will feel weightless and comfy no matter how hard you nap in the sun.

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