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The Hologram Mini Mac Rebecca Minkoff Bag Is Pure Gift-Giving Magic

* New take on signature purse from celebrity fashion designer
* Perfect statement bag for holiday parties
* Made in limited quantities – get yours before they’re sold out

Celebrity fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is known for her irresistibly chic and functional bags. The Mini Mac Crossbody is one of her signature, iconic purses. Grab this one in a disco-fabulous, luminous “hologram,” and you have a dressed-up statement bag for holiday gift giving or that New Year’s Eve shindig.

Crafted from genuine leather, this petite, rectangular cross-body bag features chic hexagon-shaped hardware feet, an oversized chunky clip-lock front and a fashion-forward chain and leather cross-body strap.

The Mac, or “Morning After Clutch,” might be mini, but there is plenty of room inside for all your essentials, including your phone, wallet, keys and makeup. Top and side pockets are both zipped, so your valuables are secure. The leather is durable and long-lasting. If the suede side gets dirty, you can replace them with the extra fringe strips that come included.

Minkoff generally does limited runs of unusual colors, which means this Hologram Mini Mac Crossbody may someday be as rare as the unicorn that this pearlescent pink purse conjures up.

Grab your Minkoff Mini-Mac “Hologram” today – it’s a magical gift for the style lover in your life.

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