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This Super Soft Hoodie Is Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds

* The Evolution Hoodie is made from used coffee grounds and recycled bottles
* It’s also pick-pocket proof thanks to a zippered kangaroo pocket
* The sweatshirt provides protection from UV rays and is quick drying

Our world is filling up with plastic. In fact, every piece of plastic ever produced still exists today and by 2050, there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish.

You might not think of it as plastic, but clothing and the fashion industry plays a huge part in this. Most of our clothes have tiny bits of plastic in them to make them stretchy and durable. Buying all the latest fashions only exacerbates the plastic problem. Thankfully, lots of brands have caught on and are now finding more sustainable ways to produce clothing. One such example is this innovative sweatshirt from Coalatree.

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Image courtesy of Coalatree

The Evolution Hoodie is made from used coffee grounds. How cool is that?! The spent grounds are mixed and melted down along with recycled plastic bottles. This mixture creates the fibers that then create the top. By using discarded items like coffee grounds and bottles, Coalatree minimizes the amount of waste created with each item, making a positive impact on the environment.

You know this innovative hoodie is good for the Earth, but it’s also highly fashionable and comes with loads of features. For example, this sweatshirt is pick-pocket proof thanks to its hidden zippered pouch. The shirt also has two organizer pockets and a hanging loop for your keys.

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Image courtesy of Coalatree

In addition, the Evolution Hoodie was designed to go with you wherever and whenever. That means it’s constructed to be quick drying. Thousands of small, microscopic pores increase the surface area of the material used, allowing moisture to be spread throughout the shirt and therefore accelerating the drying process.

Plus, this sweatshirt traps three times more odors than traditional hoodies, allowing you to play hard without worry. Coffee absorbs odor naturally, so stinky bacteria are filtered out as you sweat. This feature won’t dissipate with use, either, as the coffee grounds are actually a part of the fabric.

Finally, this awesome hoodie also offers you UV protection that’s six times more effective than traditional clothing. Tiny pores in the fabric trap UV rays, giving you a chemical-free shield from sun burn.

If you’re worried about the environment or enjoy wearing multifunctional clothing, this soft and cozy fleece sweatshirt is a must have.


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