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Welcome Fall Footwear’s Newest BFF: The Red Wing Heritage GORE-TEX Classic Moc

Today marks a special day in fall footwear.

Modern outerwear staple Red Wing Heritage and leading pioneer in waterproofing technology GORE-TEX have teamed up to release the best fall boot ready to take on any kind of day ahead.

Meet the GORE-TEX Classic Moc.

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Courtesy of Red Wing Heritage

These boots bring a one-of-a-kind new look to Red Wing Heritage’s best-selling Classic Moc by transforming them into the all-weather must-have everyone needs this season and beyond. The boots feature an all-new Russet Taos leather that’s combined with the high-end performance brought to you by GORE-TEX for the wettest of wet days.

Although the boots are killer at keeping wetness out, they use an extremely breathable GORE-TEX membrane to keep your feet from overheating. In addition to breathability, the boots are constructed with storm welt construction able to keep dry through the wildest of weather and are bottomed off with a Traction Tred outsole. That’s right, no more slippage.

Plus, come on, these boots are way too handsome not to geek over. A look that timeless will have your great great great grandfather jealous from beyond the grave just as much as it will your great great great grandson in the year 2131.

When chatting with Red Wing Heritage’s Product Creation Director regarding what she had to say about the boots, she told us this:

“We’ve had GORE-TEX materials in our work boots for more than 20 years, giving us a solid foundation of daily wear and testing to build upon. Our new GORE-TEX Classic Moc is tested to rigorous standards in partnership with the GORE-TEX product team, including dunking each bootie in a water tank prior to assembly. We’ve paired with our all-new Russet Taos waterproof leather to create a rugged, lifestyle boot that’s perfect for daily wear in wet conditions.”

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That said, these are clearly a surefire boot everyone will love.

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Courtesy of Red Wing Heritage

Beginning today, you’ll be able to purchase the Red Wing Heritage GORE-TEX Classic Moc in retail stores across North America, Europe and Japan. In addition, five different pairs will be hidden across North America and Europe in various regions for die-hard fans to find on their own. It’s time to get out there and explore.

There are only two downsides to this: the Red Wing Heritage GORE-TEX Classic Mocs are only limited edition, so if you want them, you’re going to have to act a bit faster than normal. Even worse? You can’t purchase them online, meaning you physically have to go inside of the store and get them in person. We know. So retro. Red Wing Heritage suggests fans follow @RedWingHeritage on Instagram for updates on where and when to get their hands on a pair in case anything changes.

Ready to get moving in the best boot you’ve ever slipped on your feet? Click the link below and find out how to snag yours now.