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Wallets Waste Pocket Space – Keep It Simple With This Paul Smith Money Clip

* Keep yourself organized with the Refresher Money Clip from Paul Smith
* Less bulk in your back pocket looks better
* Great for travel and avoiding pickpockets

Men carry their lives in their wallet. Credit cards, IDs, cash and receipts eventually feel like clutter in your back pocket. Instead of upping the ante and jumping into “murse” territory, try the Refresher Money Clip from Paul Smith.

Crafted from silver-tone metal and outfitted with enameled multi-color stripes, this money clip is perfect to carry when all you need is your driver’s license, a couple cards and cash.

Bulky back pockets ruin your walk-away (Wanting folks to love watching you leave isn’t vain at all – it’s just part of being a cosmopolitan male). Use this piece to keep your billfold in the front so that those skinny jeans don’t look lumpy.

Not only will the money clip keep you looking good, it’s also great for avoiding pickpockets in crowded situations. It’s ideal for travelling through airports, too. We all know what a nuisance it is to constantly dig out your ID for baggage check, TSA checkpoints and the airport lounge. Save yourself the trouble and use a money clip.

Once you make the switch, you’ll notice how much less stuff you’re always carrying around. With less clutter, you’ll feel better organized and less stressed about needing to take everything with you. Besides, you don’t want to end up like this guy:

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