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Attention Crocs Lovers: Amazon Is Now Selling Retired Colors of Crocs for Just $35

When you browse Amazon deals professionally, you develop something of an immunity to deals and discounts. So when we find a deal that gets us excited, we’re pretty confident our readers will as well. And if there’s one thing we know that our readers love as much as we do, it’s Crocs.

In 2021, we named Crocs the casual shoes of the year, and our colleagues at Footwear News named them the shoe of the year. We’ve written literal love letters to Crocs, and in the age of comfort-first fashion, these chunky clogs are the perfect shoe.

And if you’re in the market for a new pair of Crocs Classic Clogs, the O.G. of Crocs, then we have an amazing Amazon hack to share with you. Normally, new Crocs retail at $49.95. However, Amazon has recently organized its collection of retired Crocs into their own listings, and these shoes are available starting at just $34.95.

Head to Amazon now to shop for Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs (Retired Colors) and find the lowest price we’ve ever seen on these shoes. The retired clogs are organized into two different listings, both of which are linked below.

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Courtesy of Amazon

All of the Crocs at the link below are made in colorways that have since been retired – colorways like Papaya, Ice Blue, Ballerina Pink, Lavender, Oxygen, Pink Lemonade and Lemon. However, even though these soon-to-be gone Crocs are in short supply, the price on the remaining inventory has gone down.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss out.

In addition to the unisex Crocs pictured above, Amazon also has discounts available on kids’ Crocs, too. If you head to the official Crocs website, only one colorway is currently available in the $34.95 price range, so this truly is a great opportunity for Crocs lovers to save.

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So if one of these retired colorways is speaking to you – personally, we’re partial to Banana and Orange Zing – then head to Amazon to order your clogs while you can.

We should note that select sizes in specific colorways are already limited, and the exact price and discount can vary by size. Still, the $34.95 discounted price is consistently available based on our research.

For anyone that’s on the fence about ordering another pair of Crocs, we just have one question for you: don’t your feet deserve to be happy? Don’t you?

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