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Review: Kyrgies Wool Slippers Are The Winter Must-Have You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve never been much of the slippers type before moving to New York. The house I grew up in was primarily carpeted, at least it was upstairs in all of the bedrooms where I mainly wouldn’t keep socks on. Now that I live in a pre-war apartment in Brooklyn (with drafts out the ass, let me tell you), the best slippers I could find became essential to surviving the winter.

And, luckily, I found them.

Kyrgies’ Classic Wool Slippers are everything and more for folks who simply want something to keep their feet warm when roaming around the house. They’re straightforward, have a Cinderella fit and keep your feet completely dry no matter what.

It’s no lie that winters in New York can get frigid. Hell, we’re in the middle of the season’s first major snowstorm as we speak. Hardwood floors are no match for bare feet in the wintertime unless you’re looking for a shiver to run down your spine. Kyrgies are simply the most ideal way for fixing that issue.

As you look down at your feet and wonder what places Kyrgies in such an elite standard to the slippers you’re wearing right now, see below to find out what puts them aside from the rest.


  • Sizes: 7 through 15
  • Materials: all-natural wool
  • Made In: Kyrgyzstan
  • Features: moisture-wicking and odor-resistant
  • Price: $69

What Makes Them Different

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Kyrgies aren’t your average house slipper. Sure, they do exactly what house slippers are supposed to by keeping your feet safe from cold floors, but they’ve also got some stellar added features that transform them into the most modern house slipper money can buy.

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Each slipper is made to wick any accumulated moisture from your feet away for a totally dry feeling when wearing. Suffering from sweaty feet? Kyrgies have your back. In addition, you don’t even need to wash Kyrgies. The wool used is 100% odor-resistant, meaning any unintended stink your feet produce won’t ever rub off onto your slippers.

Kyrgies actually specifically say to not clean Kyrgies with water, they should instead smell like they did the day you got them for their whole lifespan. If you do need to clean them, Kyrgies suggests a trip to the dry cleaners will get your Kyrgies back in tip-top shape.

When it comes to construction, each pair of Kyrgies is made with 100% natural wool. That means that the material you see on the outside is the same you’ll get on the inside. No fluff here, folks. Just total breathability, warmth and modernity. They’re simply timeless to the eye.

Worried about slippage? Don’t be. Although these are made fully with natural wool, the soles are non-slip for total stability. Just stick your foot inside of the slipper and be on your merry way from the couch to the fridge. But, because they’re fully wool, you can’t wear them outdoors. Well, unless you want to ruin them.


How Are Kyrgies Made?

Unlike most slippers you’re used to, Kyrgies are made by hand from rolled wool felt using traditional techniques from centuries ago in Central Asia. Each pair is made from wool produced on small family farms within Kyrgyzstan, hence the name Kyrgies.

Sheep that produce the wool used in Kyrgies are free-range animals, living in fence and cage-free spaces on wide-open fields. Wool is taken in the summer, where families will round up sheep and buzz them down for Kyrgies’ classic slippers, as well as other uses like home construction and clothing creation.

After the wool is distributed for production into Kyrgies, it is clean, sorted and dyed to ensure the softest of the soft is making it onto your foot. Makers then take this wool and form it into “wet felt”, made by combining wool with warm, soapy water. This process brings a sort of thickness to the wool by condensing the material and creating sheets.

Once the felt is created, any extra, unneeded fuzz that accumulates onto the material will be removed and then cut and formatted into the shape of a slipper. The slipper is then stamped with the classic Kyrgies logo and are essentially ready for your foot. The process takes around six weeks in total and any unused scraps are put aside to insulate homes.


Are They Actually Worth It?

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Let me tell you, since I’ve been living in Brooklyn, I’ve gone through five pairs of slippers in a three-year span. I almost always have to toss my slippers away after a few months because they become ruined so quickly. And, not to be gross, but it’s almost always due to stench.

I’ve had my Kyrgies for around three months at this point and I smell nothing. I’m talking not even a lick of scent. At this point, every other pair of slippers I’ve owned in the past would have been smelling my now. I quite literally have a can of Axe spray deodorant on my nightstand from the days I would spray my slippers if they stunk too bad.

Not only that, but these slippers look the exact same since the day I bought them. I obviously keep them on only when I’m inside, but my slippers of the past I’ve had would have most certainly had some discoloration or deconstruction going on by now. I wear my slippers inside 24/7 and it looks like these came in the mail yesterday.

Plus, for a pair of wool slippers, $69 is quite literally pennies. Most of the time, other retailers sell wool slippers for double the price. The only time we’ve seen wool slippers at a lower cost is if they’re poor quality or on sale from the original asking price.


The Verdict: Say Goodbye To Stinky Feet

So, your slippers stink after one wear? Sweat pooling at the bottom of your foot? Maybe your current slippers aren’t as comfortable as you’d wish they were? That’s all no problem when Kyrgies exist.

So Should You Buy It?

If you’d yet to find a slipper that works with your foot instead of against, Kyrgies are the absolute way to go. Expect sole comfort no matter what the case may be. Keep your feet warm, dry and support family-operated businesses as you do so. Sounds like a trio that’s pretty hard to beat!


  • Keeps you warm in the cool months, keeps you cool in the warm months
  • Uber cozy for all-day comfort
  • Naturally moisture-wicking and odor-resistant
  • Helps support family-run businesses
  • Reuses waste


  • Can’t wear outside
  • Might not be the correct style for some
  • Not too many color options

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Courtesy of Kyrgies


What Are Some of Alternatives To Consider?

Kyrgies has comfortability, affordability and quality on lock. It’s incredibly hard to find a pair of wool slippers at this price that are just as good. But, if you are looking for some alternatives, here are some to consider below — I just can’t promise they’ll be as high-quality and well-priced as Kyrgies are.

Acorn Digby Core Slippers

The Acorn Digby Cores are the most affordable slippers right under Kyrgies at $9 lower. They’ve got a casual look to them that’s perfect for slipping on walking around the house. Unlike Kyrgies, these slippers have a bottom rubber outsole so you can wear them outside when grabbing the mail.

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Living Kitzbühel Tirol Slippers

With a classic round-toe silhouette just as you get in Kyrgies, Living Kitzbühel Tirol Slippers are another excellent option to consider. They will cost you more than Kyrgies, but with a rubber sole, you can wear these outside. In addition to using virgin wool, the Tirols also use recycled wool and polyester.

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OluKai Moloa Hulu Wool-Blend Slippers

OluKai is a trusted brand that’s making one of the coziest wool-blend slippers you can buy. It’s formatted to be both a shoe and a slide so you can choose how you’d like to wear it. It’s extremely lightweight, totally durable and is constructed to keep you cozy day in and day out.

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