Rings of Power: The 9 Best Bands for Fantasy Fan Fingers

I Love You / I Know
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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* Wear your favorite franchise on your finger
* Make a bold statement with class and style
* Star Wars, GotG, Star Trek and more

From memorable characters to classic one liners, movie franchises like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings (to name a few) have no shortage of loyal fans. Now you can relive each thrilling moment with a compact and captivating accessory: a ring.

SPY has uncovered the nine best rings for fantasy-loving guys and gals – even unisex styles so you can mix and match with family and friends. See a franchise or character you can’t get enough of? Put a ring on it.

1. Pokémon Poké Ball & Crystal Ladies’ Ring

The beloved anime franchise has captured hearts of all ages since it was introduced in 1995. And when it comes to this adorable Poké Ball ring, you most certainly have to catch them all.

Okay, maybe one is enough; unless you’re looking to gift this playful accessory to your Pokémon Trainer friends. Imagine their surprise when they receive this sterling silver ring uniquely decorated with a Poké Ball and stunning crystal details.

Pokémon Poké Ball & Crystal Ladies' Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


2. I Love You / I Know Rings

Often cited as one of the best actor-improvised lines in film history when, Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) finally professes her love for Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in The Empire Strikes Back, to which he replies “I know.”

Now you and your significant other can relive this memorable exchange with a ring set that features the famous phrases engraved on the outside of each band.

I Love You, I Know Rings Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


3. She-Ra Helmet Ring

As the alter ego of Princess Adora and the twin sister of He-Man, She-Ra is a badass with incredible strength and agility. Now you can obtain the power of The Princess of Power – or at least look awesome sporting the She-Ra Helmet Ring that may or may not help you fight the powers of evil.

She-Ra Helmet Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


4. BB-8 Droid 3D Ring

Fight the First Order with the BB-8 Droid 3D Ring. A trusted keeper of valuable information and valiant ally, this 3D ring is full of flair and personality that’s sure to garner compliments everywhere you and BB-8 may venture.

BB-8 Droid 3D Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


5. Sith Class Ring

With this chunky stainless steel Sith Class Ring from designer Han Cholo, you’ll be the most popular Dark Lord of all – in and outside the classroom. It’s engraved with the words “Sith” and “Dark Lord” around a ruby-colored faceted CZ stone, and “The Dark Side” carved on the side. No matter how many galaxies far, far away you are, this ring is sure to get heads turning.

Sith Class Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


6. Voltron Ring – Shadow Series

Defend your hand from Robeast attack with this small but mighty Voltron ring. Crafted as the ultimate statement making piece for both guys and gals, the Voltron ring is fashioned from two-tone gold and silver stainless steel with black CZ stones.

Voltron Ring - Shadow Series Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


7. Guardians of the Galaxy Sterling Groot Basket Branch Ladies’ Ring

Pay an out-of-this-world homage to Groot with this unique sterling basket branch ring. It features one interwoven budding limb that’s engraved with the ever-eloquent “I am Groot” that’s sure to make a welcomed gift for any Groot or GotG fan.

GotG Sterling Groot Basket Branch Ladies' Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


8. Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring

The 18K Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide Ring is indeed the ring to rule them all. Its beautiful craftsmanship is sure to delight any LotR fan with a “precious” to call their very own. It’s engraved with words in ancient Elvish runes script and comes with walnut gift box lined with blue velvet.

Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


9. Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Ring

Whether you deem yourself the ultimate Trekkie or if you’re in search for a memorable gift for a Star Trek-loving sweetheart, the dazzling Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Ring is sure to make any lucky recipient swoon.

Exclusively created for ThinkGeek to celebrate 50 years of the iconic Starfleet, this handmade ring features an insignia silhouette with an asymmetrical band. It’s crafted in 7mm trillion-cut white cubic zirconia and accented by four celestial brilliant-cut rounds that are so sparkly, they probably can be seen from space.

Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Ring Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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