We Reviewed Rothy’s Brand New Bags and Accessories for Men

rothys new items
Courtesy of Rothy's

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Rothy’s has had a busy summer. From launching its first-ever men’s shoe collection to adding new varsity-inspired colors to that collection, the eco-conscious brand has gone from being a favorite among women worldwide to quickly becoming an established, finally-for-men favorite.

Now, as we move into fall, the eco-conscious brand is launching bags, wallets, card cases, and laptop cases. This brand has done so much in the past few months; it makes us look bad while simultaneously making us look better than ever.

If you have still not heard about Rothy’s, allow me to tell you a bit more about the SPY-approved brand. Officially launched in 2016 by Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin, the company initially made a recycled, washable flat for women that quickly went viral. Soon, it built its own factory, which has to date, repurposed millions of plastic water bottles and over 100 tons of ocean-bound marine plastic. 

rothys man walking Courtesy of Rothy's

The brand has launched a pilot recycling program that, as of August 2021, has completed phase one to identify how to deconstruct its shoes into recyclable pieces and will soon transition to phase two: Figuring out how to best scale this program. The brand is on track to roll out its recycling test program to consumers by the end of this year.  

Even if this weren’t all true (but it’s a hallmark of the brand, so it’s hard to imagine), the new accessories collection for men would still have piqued our interest. I’ll admit, the SPY team was split on how fashionable the bags were at first glance, but speaking from experience — I received the tote, wallet, and card case about two weeks before launch — I am a big fan of both the design and the capacity. I’ll break down each item in a bit more detail:

Rothy’s The Carryall

This bag is designed not to stand out but to integrate into an existing wardrobe seamlessly. Thanks to the detachable strap, the versatile bag can be easily used as a tote or quickly transformed into a shoulder bag.

rothys new carryall tote bag Courtesy of Rothy's

It zippers completely closed using a surprisingly durable YKK zipper, and it features clever storage and multiple pockets of various convenient sizes. It is available in four color combinations: Slate Brown, Forest Black, Desert Camo and Woodland Camo. I used this to carry my laptop to-and-from, and it doubled as a grocery bag in a pinch. I wasn’t reluctant to use it for fear a spill would ruin it. Like every Rothy’s item before it, this bag is 100% machine washable.

rothys new carryall tote close up Courtesy of Rothy's

Rothy’s The Slim Card Case

No reinvention of the wheel here, which, to be honest, I found refreshing. When it comes to a card case, which I use as my daily wallet, I don’t want frills or fancy clutter bulking down what should be a barely-there item in my back pocket. This card case nailed that, and how.

rothys new slim card case Courtesy of Rothy's

Made from the signature recycled Rothy’s fabric, this shape was soft and light enough not to feel clunky yet retained its shape no matter how rough I was on it. Which, spoiler, was rough because I was testing this out for all of you. Leather card cases are light, but I haven’t found one yet that bounces back to shape as if I had done nothing to it at all. The card case is available in five colors: Black, Camo, Forrest, Guava and Astro Gray.

rothys new slim card case back Courtesy of Rothy's

Rothy’s The Minimalist Wallet

As previously mentioned, I am not one to go for a bi-fold style wallet, and as much as I loved the thin profile of Rothy’s, I still would pick the card case, personally. That said, for those guys out there who do fancy themselves a foldable cash-carrying accessory, this wallet is worth a look.

rothys new fold wallet Courtesy of Rothy's

This streamlined-style wallet keeps clutter to the minimum with four card slots, an interior side-loading pocket, and a quick access top-loading pocket. The bi-fold wallet is available in four color combinations: Desert Brown, Graphite Navy, Dark Forest and Woodland Camo.

rothys new wallet open Courtesy of Rothy's

Rothy’s The Laptop Portfolio

The laptop portfolio is the only accessory I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on. But after exploring all the other designs offered by Rothy’s, I have to say I’m sad about it. If you ask me, this bag looks like it might be in line to be a best seller from the collection. Lightweight and stylish, this laptop bag is the kind of daily commute addition that isn’t as intimate as a card case or wallet but isn’t as much of a wardrobe commitment as the carryall tote would be.

rothys new laptop portfolio Courtesy of Rothy's

From what I can tell, the design looks exquisite (I said it, and I meant it), and the quality of construction, if it is anything like the other items I received, is on par with its leather and luxury brand counterparts. The slim pouch will keep tech secure with multiple slip pockets of various standard sizes, a padded compartment for laptop storage, and a hefty YKK zipper.

rothys new laptop portfolio open Courtesy of Rothy's

We’d be remiss, not to mention some of Rothy’s designs that got us on board with the brand from the jump. These designs have been out for a few months now, varying by style, but if you’re buying bags and wallets, you ought to have shoes to match, right?

The Retro-Inspired RS01

The retro-inspired RS01 sneaker has become the talk of the office at SPY. It’s classic, comfortable and easy to clean. All this, and it is one of the best-looking shoes we’ve seen in a while. Hands down — it’s a winner.

rothys retro inspired rs01 sneaker Courtesy of Rothy's

The Driving Loafer

Less of a driving loafer guy myself, I still need to give solid props to Director of Product Lavion Gibson for designing a style that made me a summer convert.

rothys The Driving Loafer Courtesy of Rothy's

The RS01 That Started It All

This classic take on the white sneaker is a shoe that is so fresh, so clean, so bright white; you can’t help but want to show them off. Part of the debut collection, this shoe was an instant hit back when it launched just before summer in May 2021. I wore mine to death, and by to death, I mean they still look and feel as good as new.

rothys all white rs01 sneaker Courtesy of Rothy's

I love Rothy’s, so I may be a bit bias, to begin with, but these additions to the collection only make me love what the brand does and stands for that much more. Speaking of “brand,” the last mark of distinction I’ll comment on is the lack of obnoxious branding behind Rothy’s.

Aside from strategically placed, subdued stripes and stitches of the brand’s signature cobalt blue, these items remain unobstructed of names, labels, or otherwise unnecessary branding. If you’re in the market to add some distinctive style to your fall wardrobe while doing a little good for the Earth while you’re at it, I highly recommend investing in Rothy’s new elevated essentials. You won’t be disappointed.


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