The Rowing Blazers Summer 2022 Collection Is HOT: Here Are Our Top Picks From the Drop

Rowing Blazers Summer 2022 Collection
Courtesy of Rowing Blazers

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If you’ve been following SPY for even a little bit now, you’ll know that one of our favorite fashion brands on the planet is none other than Rowing Blazers. By reinventing the classic prep aesthetic deemed cool amongst East Coast country clubs and Massachusetts boarding schools, Rowing Blazers has been adding a street-style drip to the dying fashion subculture in a format that completely works. Everything feels dated yet totally new, the same way picking up a cool dad blazer from the local thrift shop feels.

The classically modernized looks have had us coming back to RB for years at this point, and it looks like there’s no way we’re stopping any time soon after a first glance at the brand’s Summer 2022 collection. Ideas are taken directly from the old-school American sportswear vibe you really only see nowadays in movies and inside Japanese vintage stores. This collection solely features Rowing Blazers’ first drop of what they intend to release throughout the rest of the summer, but so far we’re seeing must-pick-up basics including women’s and men’s blazers, eclectic seersucker trousers, classic corduroy shorts, dad hats and more.

Rowing Blazers Summer 2022 Collection Courtesy of Rowing Blazers

Modeling this summer’s looks are a number of RB’s friends, including Henry Eikenberry of Euphoria rocking a suit or two. Shots were taken at the Cooper Hewitt Museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to really exemplify that Gossip Girl prep look. In addition, some photos were captured throughout Dumbo in Brooklyn near Rowing Blazers’ studio.

One takeaway from this collection? Summer vibrancy is key. Although this wardrobe is clearly based around a subculture that evokes old money, longtime family nannies and a “but, daddy, I love him” plead or two, Rowing Blazers is transforming the masked perfection rooted in prep by allowing for a fun, carefreeness in your every day look. That said, it’s hard not to be obsessed with what RB is doing this summer.

Ready to see our favorites from the drop? Then look no further. Find the very best options you need to see for yourself from Rowing Blazers’ Summer 2022 collection now.

Rowing Blazers Summer 2022 Collection Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


1. Men’s “Schoolboy” Rowing Blazer

It doesn’t get any preppier than this. The new Men’s “Schoolboy” Rowing Blazer has country club written all over it. It features a toned-down wool flannel navy body with thick white accents throughout to place it in a space that surpasses classic prep. There are three patch pockets and gold brass buttons that keep the look clean but simultaneously beg for something added on the eclectic side. Think pink pants, Yeezy slides or a funky baseball cap. Each blazer is made to order so it specifically caters to your body, so all sales are final.

Men's "Schoolboy" Rowing Blazer Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


2. Adam & Eve Athletics Club Hat

Try wearing this to your local country club and see what happens. With the Adam & Eve Athletics Club Hat, RB is taking that traditional dad on vacation cap in a new light. A light that will most certainly make New England moms riddled with disgust. This hat depicts Adam and Eve standing naked side by side in a body of water from the chest up. At the same time as it is in-your-face, it feels muted at the same time. Perfect for sporting around town.

Adam & Eve Athletics Club Hat Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


3. Tie-Dye Rugby

Rugby just got an upgrade. Never have we ever seen a tie-dye rugby before and never have we ever been more obsessed. By taking that heavyweight rugby style into a brand-new realm, this summer-centric shirt is all you’re going to want to wear this season. Pair this with a cozy pair of corduroy shorts or a handsome pair of jeans once the sun goes down. Talk about a party ‘fit!

Tie-Dye Rugby Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


4. Men’s Ultra Wide-Wale Corduroy Shorts

We couldn’t just casually mention corduroy shorts and not show you a pair of corduroy shorts. That would simply be mean. Thankfully, Rowing Blazers just released a pair of Men’s Ultra Wide-Wale Corduroy Shorts we’re strutting around in all summer long. Each pair is seriously soft to the touch and are made to order specifically for you. Pairs come in a range of colors from azure (a gorgeous deep ocean blue), mustard (which you can probably picture), dusty rose (seen below) and more.

Men's Ultra Wide-Wale Corduroy Shorts Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


5. Racquets Polo

Don’t forget your racquet, we’re going to the courts. Rowing Blazers’ Racquets Polo is a super simple prep staple offering a unique tennis racquet embroidered motif. The shirt is made from 100% cotton mesh for a breathable everyday look that won’t make you too sweaty in the hot summer sun. Pair it with your favorite tennis shorts and sneakers or rock it with a pair of ripped jeans and Converse high tops.

Racquets Polo Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


6. Men’s Guard Stripe Trousers

Everyone needs a pair of wacky trousers to add to their collection. Thankfully, you can get yourself a pair with RB’s new Men’s Guard Stripe Trousers, made just in time for all of those summer weddings you’re invited to this year. Featuring a green overtake with light pink stripes, these will surely set you aside from a sea of black and navy suits at your next formal event. Of course, you can also purchase a matching blazer to ensure your look is complete. Like the blazer in our first spot, these trousers are also made to order.

Men's Guard Stripe Trousers Courtesy of Rowing Blazers