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This New Running Shoe Makes Great Strides

* Lightweight construction and fresh style from Saucony
* Dynamic engineered mesh upper molds to your foot
* Impact absorbing heel reduces pressure on joints

Tired of wearing the same shoes as every other guy at the gym? Elevate your look – and your game – with this lightweight and stylish sneaker from Saucony.

This dynamic running shoe sets a high water mark in terms of the balance between comfort and performance. With an increased elastic “Everun” landing zone and improved energy distribution, the Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 3 will put a spring in your step like nothing else before it.

Along with a structured zone under the heel for maximum return spring, the top sole is constructed with Saucony’s trademark elastic mesh material. Designed using industry standard-setting testing procedures, Saucony’s structured elastic offers an 83% energy return – similar to what you’d find in those “super balls” that got banned from schools in the 90s for being, well, just too bouncy. In the case of the Triumph Iso 3 running shoe, however, all that bounce does is helps your stride carry on longer, farther and with less impact transmitted to your joints.

Saucony’s Triumph line has long been a favorite among distance runners and middle distance runners alike, and the Iso 3 is an evolution of the brand with some meaningful upgrades, including more coverage with the Everun material and a more comfortable fit. The expanded coverage of the elastic cushioning material is important because it reduces point peak pressure – the little spikes of pressure at individual points that over time add up to soreness and increase fatigue. The Everun material also won’t bend to weather, like foam rubber, and has been tested to last three times as long as traditional EVA cushion materials.

Still, all the high-tech elastic polymer in the world won’t help your mile times if it’s wrapped in an uncomfortable or badly designed shoe. The Saucony Triumph Iso 3 is designed from the inside out, to adapt to the nature of the foot. Thanks to dynamic fit, the running shoe takes the shape of your foot and molds to it, meaning it can be comfortable for a greater range of foot shapes. This is especially important as, even among runners, no two pairs of feet are exactly alike.

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