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This Unisex Bag Is Handcrafted From Goat Leather and Priced Under $40

* Oil rubbed, distressed goat leather
* Handcrafted by local artisans
* Brass hardware, canvas lining

It’s time to upgrade from your boring old briefcase to something a little more rugged and a lot more genuine — something like Rustic Town’s Vintage Goat Leather Messenger Bag. Unlike the cheap, fake leather bags that are ubiquitous online, this bag is handcrafted by local artisans in India. It’s built to last, with brass hardware, YKK zippers and a heavy duty canvas lining. 

Measuring 11x 9×3-inches, there’s more than enough room for your tablets, small laptops, notebooks and more. The roomy interior features two compartments and two zip pockets. Exterior zip pockets offer extra storage space, while a canvas and Velcro strap secures the contents.

Multiple carry options and an adjustable strap make the Vintage Goat Leather Messenger Bag ideal for people who ride a bike to work or school. You can carry it  over your shoulder, across the body or simply use the strap as a top handle.

Originally priced at $199.99, Amazon has cut the price on this unisex bag by 80%, bringing the cost down to an unbeatable $39.99. Order yours now before the sale ends.

Rustic Town Genuine Goat Leather Messenger Bag – 76% Off

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