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Fashionistas Agree: The Cambridge Satchel Company Makes Iconic Bags

* 14” over-the-shoulder bag reminiscent of childhood book bags
* Made from “vintage” inspired genuine cowhide
* Bag has cult following from fashion bloggers and celebrities alike

Fashion’s love for satchels has found a new home in Cambridge Satchel Company with this classic 14” messenger bag. The over-the-shoulder carry-all is straight out of our school day dreams.

The satchel features a top handle and magnetic buckle closures at the front. Inside, you’ll find two unlined compartments along with a card window. Polished silver hardware adds to the classic look, which works equally well for men as it does for women.

To give you a bit of backstory, the Cambridge Satchel Company is a modern day success story. Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas founded the company in Cambridge, England in 2008 as a way to pay for the private school fees of Deane’s children. What the pair was looking to design was a timeless schoolbag for children — something like Harry and Hermione would have carried at Hogwarts.

The two succeeded in their goal thanks to the power of the internet. The handmade satchels were met with high demand as a fashion accessory and were particularly coveted by fashion bloggers. Along with this popularity came prominent placement at New York Fashion Week, leading to an increase in sales from 300 bags a week to 500 bags a day. The company has continued to grow, drawing admiration from the likes of everyone from Taylor Swift to Prince William.

If you’re new to the Cambridge Satchel Company, the 14” classic satchel is a great choice. Made in the UK from rugged cowhide, it provides an introduction to the quality of the company while providing a fashion accessory that will hold your laptop, notebook and other everyday essentials with ease and style.

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