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I’m in Love With My SAXX Snooze Sleep Pants

While it seems that nobody can agree on anything in 2020, there actually is still one thing most of us sane people can see eye to eye on: being naked surpasses being clothed any day of the week. We said it and we mean it.

Sure, we love a good pair of men’s pajamas, but if we’re being honest, nothing beats hanging loose in the comfort of your own home. Nudity is genuinely hard to beat. But, in most scenarios that don’t involve our own bedrooms, nakedness isn’t always an option. You can’t just head outside in your birthday suit. Well, you can, but it’ll be 15 minutes maximum until you’re in handcuffs. And not in a fun way.

If you’re still looking for a way to feel as cozy as you do in the nude while covered in clothes, you’ve probably never put on a pair of SAXX’s Snooze Sleep Pants. These lounge pants have that full-nude feeling through and through. It’s a total win.

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Courtesy of SAXX

Seriously, I’m obsessed with my SAXX sleep pants. I had no idea how much I would love them, and now I can’t image wearing any other type of loungewear.

SAXX is known for fitted underwear for men of all shapes and sizes. The style is made to hug your legs while giving the jewels room to breathe with a patented BallPark Pouch™ for unrivaled support. Each pair is uniquely covered in patterns ranging from candy-like stripes to all-over shark prints. If you’ve ever gotten your hands (or legs) on a pair, you won’t be surprised by the comfort of the Snooze Sleep Pants at all.

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The pants are designed to have a loose fit with a tapered ankle, making them look a lot like your most stylish pair of joggers but with a more pajama-like feel. The fabric is moisture-wicking and as soft as can be without feeling like your legs are being smothered by blankets. And unlike joggers and other sweats, the fabric is also super thin, so it essentially feels like you have nothing on at all — just enough to cover the goods. Whether you’re spending the day lounging at home or running errands around town, slipping these on will change the way you perceive comfort.

At-home sleep isn’t these pants’ only forte either, they’re also an ideal go-to for travel situations as well, even though we aren’t doing much of that right now. Long flights and car rides alike are no match for my Snooze Sleep Pants. Additionally, if you’re in a hostel kind of situation where sleeping in your undies might seem a bit uncool, snoozing away for a full 8-hours for the next action-packed exploration is no problem with these on your legs all night.

The Snooze Sleep Pants come in black and grey and go for $65. While this price might seem like a bit much for a pair of sleeper pants, trust me, it’s well worth it. If you’re looking to snag a pair for yourself, you can find a pair directly on SAXX‘s website. Sizes come and go pretty frequently, so make sure to get yours ASAP.


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