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We’re Saying It Because It’s True: SAXX Underwear Is the Best Underwear on Earth

Do you wear underwear? We’re sure you do. We do, too. Twins.

Over the course of the past year, we have been searching for the world’s best underwear. This led us to try out over 100 pairs of underwear from over 30 brands. And, no, we’re not exaggerating. You should see our underwear drawers.

They’re FILLED. Boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, jockstraps — you name it, we’ve tried it. After much testing, we found our absolute favorite pair of men’s underwear: SAXX Underwear.

With SAXX, it’s impossible to go wrong. This underwear is quite literally built different. Featuring patented designs including a BallPark Pouch (a cozy holder for your jewels), a Three-D Fit (a fit that hugs your bodily comfortably) and Flat Out Seams (for that non-scratchy feeling), SAXX goes above and beyond to prioritize the needs of the modern man.

But, a description can only go so far. Sure, SAXX lists these features directly on their website, but we came to wonder: how would we ever know if SAXX is as comfortable as they say they are without ever trying? This is why we tried and tried and tried. Now, we collectively own at least 30 pairs of SAXX underwear as a team. Stacks on stacks? More like SAXX on SAXX.

We’re so in love with SAXX that we know you will be too. Find our full review below and find out why this is the best underwear on the face of the Earth.

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SAXX Underwear defies the laws of comfort. It’s as simple as that. Putting a pair on for the very first time had us excited, scared, confused — essentially every emotion at once. They slide on like a glove and hold your body firmly but not too tight. Materials vary per pair, but in our experience, each pair stays soft with wear after wear and wash after wash.

Each pair has a no-roll design that stays put throughout the day. They aren’t the kind of boxer briefs you have to continuously fix throughout your day. Once they’re on, they’re in the same spot until you take them off. The waistband doesn’t bend, rise or roll either. In our experience, everything stays totally in place so you can live your day with ease.

The standout with SAXX Underwear is their BallPark Pouch. It’s done so well that there are now loads of different brands now emulating what SAXX essentially started. But, what is it exactly?

Basically, the BallPark Pouch sits in the front of your boxer briefs to hold your little guy in place with no discomfort throughout your day. It’s designed similarly to a hammock. It’s a piece of fabric that sticks out a little bit with a holding capability that simply does the job it was born to do. We never find ourselves fixing our junk when it’s sitting in the BallPark Pouch.



We can all agree that sometimes we get a little sweaty downstairs. Clammy, if you will. This is something we most certainly worried about at the beginning of our SAXX days solely because of how soft each pair is. In our experience, softness is great, but it almost always means sweatiness. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at all with SAXX.

Though SAXX uses a number of different materials depending on which pair of underwear you’re actually purchasing, each pair has different breathable capabilities that ensure your junk stays sweat-free. Their softest styles ensure that breathing is done right and there are even styles that use SAXX’s patented DropTemp technology, a feature included in the material that lifts your body’s natural cooling process. In our opinion, the SAXX undies built with DropTemp are the best performing underwear for all of our active days. Think hikes, runs, lifts — you know the deal.


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We already breezed over wearing and washing, but we didn’t fully deep dive. Now, it’s time.

We’ve owned a lot of our SAXX Underwear options for well over a year at this point, so they’ve surely seen some damage, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. We haven’t seen any difference since day one. The size you get is the size it stays, no matter how many times you wash. In addition, we’ve seen no holes, fraying or rips. They look the exact same as the day we purchased them.

Some folks get a little weird about underwear ownership, which is entirely understandable. But, trust us when we say that the lifespan on SAXX Underwear is years and years. Keep wearing, keep washing and repeat. We haven’t thrown away a single pair fully because we haven’t had to. We’ve gotten MANY wears out of these and we don’t anticipate even our oldest of pairs to stop in rotation any time soon.


Issues With SAXX Underwear

There always has to be a flaw, doesn’t there? In this case, we haven’t found any — except for one. The price.

When you’re purchasing one pair of underwear? How much do you expect to spend? Maybe $10? Around $15 at the absolute maximum? Sadly, with SAXX, you’re going to have to double that. The majority of boxer briefs from SAXX are in the $30 range, with the majority closer to $34. Yeah, it sucks, but think about it — how often are you replacing those $15 boxer briefs? Pretty frequently, we would imagine.

You pay the bigger price with SAXX for the sheer fact that they will stay comfortable longer and last years in comparison. That said, the price is still a hard ask, so we understand any hesitancies. But, it’s a hesitance you should not overthink. This is underwear that will pay for itself in the long run.

The Verdict: Should You Buy SAXX Underwear?

The answer should be obvious, shouldn’t it? Yes. Everybody should own a pair of SAXX Underwear. Why? Because it will singlehandedly become the best pair of underwear in your underwear drawer. Sure, the price isn’t the prettiest, but it’s well worth it in the name of comfort, breathability and longevity.

If you are in the need of a fresh new pair of underwear, you don’t really have to look anywhere else. SAXX will have you covered — quite literally. Prices vary and stick primarily around the $30 mark, but if you’re lucky, you might even find a pair on sale. See for yourself below.

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