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Cynthia Vincent’s Scarf Poncho Is Your Go-To Top Layer

* This versatile topper is an easy way to style-up basic looks
* Durable wool-blend breathes easy and repels water.
* Perfect for transitional Spring weather

Spring is coming up, which means the weather will start to take wild turns throughout the day. By the time March rolls around, it won’t be surprising to see a cold, wet morning followed by a warm and sunny afternoon – only to finish with a brisk, windy evening. That’s when smart laying becomes essential to your style.

Enter the scarf poncho from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. This wool-blend topper is the versatile piece you need to take on the tempestuous climate conditions that are just around the corner.

Designed in Los Angeles – a city which undoubtedly inspires Vincent’s boho chic aesthetic – this open front poncho is made from a cozy wool blend. Viscose makes it soft and breathable, while polyester increases durability and a splash of acrylic repels water — perfect in April showers. Drape it over your shoulders as a shawl, wrap it around your neck, or slide your arms through and wear it as intended, as a stylish poncho.

These Southwestern stripes dress up any basic ensemble, especially your denim looks. The knit material keeps cool air off your neck, while the asymmetric hem slims your hips. Bonus: this oversized scarf doubles as a soft blanket for nights when it gets a little chilly indoors as well.

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