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Reebok Re-Releases Shaq’s Signature Shoe

* Re-release of the legendary Shaq Attack shoe from the 90s
* Bold design and colors pay tribute to their namesake’s charisma
* Updated with hot-melt coatings and  graph-lite mid-sole

Basketball shoes have seen a comeback lately as style masters integrate modern versions of the classic silhouette into everyday outfits. If this trend suits your taste, or if you love playing basketball (or both), we highly suggest the re-released Shaq Attaq basketball shoes from Reebok.

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Photo courtesy Reebok[/caption]

Without forgetting their heritage, these shoes bring new technology for real performance on the court. They feature hot-melt coatings for lightweight comfort, a graph-lite mid-sole for support, advanced traction, and of course, Reebok’s signature pump technology for a custom fit. Their bold yellow color is split down the middle by a black stripe, and complemented by the classic futuristic look that helped make the shoe famous.

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Photo courtesy Reebok[/caption]

The Shaq Attaq has been around since 1992, when it was released as Shaquille O’Neal’s first signature shoe. It quickly gained popularity along with its namesake and was featured in video games, Pepsi commercials and movies. As Shaq quickly became the biggest name in basketball, so too did his sneakers.

Today, original Shaq Attacks are one of the most collectible sneakers in the world. That’s why Reebok’s re-release of the sneaker is so important for sneaker-heads and casual basketball fans alike. The shoes always have, and continue to, channel the unique power and charisma of the legendary basketball player for everyday style and performance.

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