Stella McCartney Just Made a Glitter Shark Phone Case

This Stella McCartney Shark Phone Case

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* Available for iPhone 6, 6S and 7
* Glitter-infused silicone for durable, formfitting construction
* Fun and whimsical Stella McCartney design perfect for summer

From your dress, to your bag, to even a seemingly trivial phone accessory, everything you wear and hold becomes a part of your style. Showcase your fun side this summer with this adorable Stella McCartney Glitter Shark Phone Case.

Constructed from glitter-infused silicone, this phone case sparkles and illuminates with a holographic color palette. As an off-white color, the case embodies the cuteness of a shark, complete with fadeaway glitter fins and two eyes. The glitter is both gold and blue in color and spread throughout the case, but isn’t too bright or domineering because of its muted colors. While charming and pretty to look at, the case is also functional for use. The phone case will protect the sides, and also has perfect slits and holes so that it won’t inconvenience you by blocking your camera or charger port.

shark phone case

With the touch of Stella McCartney’s feminine and contemporary designs, this case shows off a whimsical vibe. Made for the bold and fearless, this truly charming design is ideal for anyone who has an affinity for both glittery accessories and cute animals. Priced at 90 dollars, this case is one way to own a designer piece without the expensive cost of ready-to-wear. This delicate accessory shows off McCartney’s artistry as well as takes a fun spin on everyday essentials. Buy this designer piece now and glam up your phone just in time for the new season.

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