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Shinola’s Debut Eyewear Collection Is As Sleek and Classy as You’d Expect

Detroit-based accessory company Shinola released its debut eyewear line on June 15, and it’s every bit of what you’d expect from the minimalist, made-in-the USA lifestyle brand.*

The new collection features blue light glasses and sunglasses with three styles of frames: the Rambler, the Bixby and the Mackinac. Each pair falls in line with the company’s ethos of classic styling, highlighted by the traditional hues of black, gray, clear, and tortoise. Notably inspired by the streamlined aesthetic of the brand’s line of watches, the frames are sleek, bold, modern, yet timeless in a way that will remain fashionable for years to come.

Per the brand’s website, “Our first-ever original eyewear line is designed in-house and made in the USA with premium imported materials. From the custom hardware to the riveted hinges to the collapsible carrying case and Shinola stripe lens cloth, every last detail is signature Shinola.”

With frames made of plant-based cellulose acetate and scratch-resistant UV 400 protected lenses, these glasses are safe and friendly for both wearers and the environment. The price point is also not too shabby, tallying up at $295.00 a pair, which is about right for a pair of designer shades.

The trio of new shades joins Shinola’s comprehensive collection of high-quality timepieces, leather goods, watches, wallets, briefcases, duffle bags, bicycles, audio gear, and more. In the past, we’ve included many of Shinola’s products in our roundups of favorite items like best watches, best wallets, best briefcases, etc. and they’ve never disappointed. That said, this eyewear line has us totally hooked.

Luckily, it seems that this only the beginning of the brand’s expansion into eyewear. reports that another release of glasses in new colorways and styles is expected this upcoming fall. 

Rambler Sunglasses

shinola rambler


Bixby Sunglasses

Bixby Sunglasses


Mackinac Sunglasses

Mackinac Sunglasses


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