Show Off Them Thighs With the Best-Looking Short Shorts for Men in 2021

short shorts for men
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters & Chubbies
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Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts.

Who would have thought that The Royal Teens’ ’50s pop classic would have so much pertinence amongst the modern-day man? By now, it should be obvious that we as guys have evolved past the need for long shorts. For the past couple of years, dudes have instead been incorporating short shorts into their warm-weather style to show off those meaty man thighs, and, you know what? We’re absolutely here for it.

Considering long shorts for guys (especially cargo shorts, ew) were never good-looking to begin with, it’s exciting to see that short shorts for men have reinstated themselves into present-day culture almost effortlessly. With that being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that short shorts for men aren’t a newer trend. There’s no way you’ve gone without seeing a couple of your dad’s photos from high school in the ’70s. We know, looking at these photos as a kid most definitely made you cringe, but now that you’re rocking them the same way he was, you realize he was kind of on to something. Papa pulled looks!

Short shorts for men don’t technically need to be a specific length in order to be deemed short shorts. The only qualifying factor? Short shorts must come above the knee. There are no ifs, ands or buts. If your short shorts hit or go below the knee, they aren’t short shorts, my guy. Those are just shorts. And they are ugly.

To help you get prepared for warmer weather, we found the hottest short shorts for dudes you can purchase online right now from a number of your go-to retailers. From easy buys on Amazon to the new classics from Chubbies, here are the top short shorts to consider for summer.


1. Rhone 7″ Commuter Short


Short shorts at work? Short shorts at work. The Rhone 7″ Commuter Shorts make showing those thighs off in the office totally possible. These bad boys are created with Flex-Knit fabric which allows you to move in any which direction without fear of splitting the material. Each pair has a security zipper pocket to keep all of those important work docs or your iPhone 12, making them perfect for dudes that want to go from work to play in an instant. All in all, they kind of resemble your go-to work slacks if they lost a couple of inches. Okay, a lot of inches.

Courtesy of Rhone


2. UNIQLO Chino Shorts


Come on, chino! Chino pants have taken the traditional khaki look into a whole new realm by sprucing up loose ends and tightening them up to accentuate all of your assets. Emphasis on ass. These chino short shorts from UNIQLO do the exact same thing at a price you can most definitely afford. For just $30, these beige chino shorts will keep you looking hot yet cool all season long. Pair them with your go-to graphic tee and an open flannel when the sun begins to dip or rock ’em with a tank to avoid tan lines as the sun beams. There are a number of color options available and some are even on sale for just $10. Yeah, $10. You’re not going to want to miss out on that deal.

Courtesy of UNIQLO


3. Chubbies Armadas 4″ Shorts


Chubbies are the new classic in terms of short shorts for modern men and at this point, there’s no doubt you’ve seen them either in a slew of Instagram ads or on the bod of one of your bros. Chubbies practically owns the realm of modern short shorts for dudes by prioritizing color, style and stretch in every pair. The shorts are built to hug your body just the way you want, but if you ever need to crouch or bend, you’ll never have to worry about any rippage. Most shorts from Chubbies are even topped off with elastic to keep you comfy no matter your size. And we know damn well due to quarantine that your size is fluctuating. Because, same.

Courtesy of Chubbies


4. MaaMgic Athletic Gym Shorts


Our past year has involved a lot of hanging out. Whether you’ve managed to keep inside since March of 2020 or you headed to a few socially-distanced park hangs with pals over last summer, why keep the chilling moments in the past? This summer, keep hanging on the down-low with these shorts made to keep you cozy no matter what the day brings. Lounging on the couch? Put these on. Hanging out with friends? Put these on. Headed on a couple of errands? Put these on. There’s really no reason not to.

Courtesy of Amazon


5. Urban Renewal Levi’s 501 5” Cutoff Denim Short


We understand that jorts have had a bad rap for the past couple of years due to how nerdy they are, but hear us out: jorts are the most unapologetically cool item of clothing you can keep in your dresser. Like, just look at these 5″ cutoffs from Levi’s. The distressed rip. The broken-in denim. The relaxed silhouette. How can you go wrong? Simply pair these babies with a classic band tee and a pair of hi-tops and you’ve got yourself a ‘fit. What makes these short shorts extra special is that each pair is entirely unique and upcycled, meaning no two will ever be exactly alike. That being said, these are a true, one of a kind, short short option you need to get your hands on (and legs in) ASAP.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Goodthreads Slim-Fit 5″ Stretch Chino Shorts


One thing that’s for certain? You can never go wrong with Goodthreads. Seriously. The Amazon brand really is one that constantly surprises us each and every time we order. These cotton twill chino short shorts are perfect for dudes that don’t want to spend too much money on a pair of shorts but still want to look good. Each pair is surprisingly stretchy which keeps you feeling and looking your best no matter what your day brings. Match it with all of your warm-weather wear you can’t wait to break out for the season.

Courtesy of Amazon


7. Lululemon Pace Breaker Short 7″


Short shorts for athletics surpass long shorts for athletics any day of the week. By nixing unneeded extra fabric, the Lululemon Pace Breaker shorts are an excellent way to stay active. Throw these on for leg day, runs, playing sports with your buds or even when swimming. If you’re the outdoorsy type who tends to go from the basketball court to the gym to the beach all in the same day, these shorts will be your one-stop-shop. You won’t have to change them until you go to bed at night.

Courtesy of Lululemon


8. Standard Cloth Oliver Nylon Short


These Urban Outfitter exclusives are available in a slew of eye-popping, candy-esque colors you’re sure to love. These super-relaxed short shorts look great on any and all legs no matter how the wearer chooses to style them. Each pair has front slip pockets and a single back pocket to hold valuables and is topped with a drawstring waistband. Our suggestion? Get ’em in purple. When are you ever going to get the opportunity to own a purple pair of shorts again?

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


9. Everlane 7″ Slim-Fit Performance Chino Short


We love Everlane because they have a number of modern-day staples every kind of guy can pull off. Nothing from the brand is too outlandish so you won’t feel too awkward trying to pull anything in particular off. Just check out these slim-fit chinos to get an understanding of what we’re talking about. These drenched-in-black short shorts will look stellar on any dude’s figure. They are made with a four-way stretch to keep your body moving no matter what the day brings and they also come in three different colors. How’s that for your new summer fav?

Courtesy of Everlane


10. Tracksmith Ekiden Shorts


Whether you’re taking a light jog or preparing for a marathon, Tracksmith‘s Ekiden shorts are what you should be running in. These are the short shorts of all short shorts, and when we mentioned your father’s photos from the ’70s at the very beginning of this piece, these are probably giving you some PTSD right now. Nonetheless, these are a must-have for guys getting their exercise on in 2021. These breathable shorts cause no distractions on your runs by giving you as little material as possible. There will never, ever be any slippage due to the added lined-mesh underwear inside. Included, you’ll also find two pockets for carrying any belongings you might need on your trek. Lastly, they’re totally moisture-wicking, so you can kiss sweat goodbye.

Courtesy of Tracksmith