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Dolce & Gabbana Take On The Humble Hotel Slipper

* Velvet slip-on sandal with gold embroidery
* A humorous take on the leather slide trend
* Molded rubber footbed and treaded rubber sole

Who says fashion has no humor? While the world of high style often falls parody to chilly characters that take themselves too seriously, leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to lighten up the mood. Their spring collection was filled with cheerful, pop-culture references, like the sandals seen here. Re-imagined in luxurious black velvet, they’ve made a humorous play on the humble rubber shower shoe, making ironic reference to hotel slippers and imposter luxury goods. A five star rating indeed, the “DG Luxury Hotel” logo thumbs its nose in rich gold embroidery.

Lazy loaded image

While these shoes, unlike their genesis, will probably never meet the floor of a dormitory shower, they’re still constructed from molded rubber with a grippy, treaded sole. When your feet need a break from stilettos, throw these on with anything from a floral dress to tailored pants. They’ll offer a subversive point of casualness to more formal looks and jeans alike.

The double take you’ll get from a high-fashion item that looks, at first glance, like something you’ve swiped from your last hotel stay, is worth its weight in high-pile Italian velvet. Meaning you can have the last laugh with a dose of comfort to boot.