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This Gauzy Silk Wrap is the Perfect Party Accessory

* 100% silk chiffon wrap
* Versatile enough to wear in many different ways
* Adds effortless sophistication to any outfit

Being that we are in midst of wedding season, graduations and gearing up for warm summer evening soirees, there will be a need to wear a slew of flowy summer dresses and formal cocktail attire. Along with your new outfit regimen, you might want a light cover-up or wrap just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

The Satin Border Silk Wrap by Glint is the perfect spring/summer accessory to pair with all your evening attire — cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, wedding dresses or just going to watch a movie. The wrap is made of an ultra-sheer, 100% silk chiffon material that is lightweight yet will give you some warmth. The satin border adds an element of elegance and gives it the right amount of subtle evening sheen.

This versatile wrap measures a robust 50” by 80” giving it a nice oversized fit that can be worn in a plethora of ways. Wear fully draped over your shoulders for full body coverage, or wear over your shoulders tied nicely in a front knot for a more formal look. The wrap is also long enough to be worn off the shoulders, hanging on your elbows without worrying about it falling on the floor. To add to its versatility, the wrap is also available in eight neutral color options that will complement all your style picks perfectly.

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