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The Best Silver Chains for Men Are a Subtle Style Flex

There’s no denying the allure of a necklace for men. They’re a powerful statement in more ways than one, and they surely seduce the eyes of onlookers. Whether one chooses to go big with a statement gold chain or more subtle with a smaller one, gold is guaranteed to add a hint of luxury to any look. But what if your tastes are a bit more subtle? What if you want to add a soft glint around your neck without the boisterousness of gold? That’s why silver chains exist.

Unlike gold, silver represents wealth and luxury in a whisper rather than a shout. It doesn’t command attention in a vulgar or obnoxious way. Instead, it emits an air of elegance and soft sophistication. But don’t worry — you’ll still get that dash of sexiness any necklace brings.

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Types of Silver Chains

  • Venetian Chain: Also known as box chains, Venetian chains are comprised of a series of cubed links. Each cubed link is interlocked and adds a generous dimension to the piece.
  • Curb Chain: Made of a series of chains that are flattened, twisted, and interlocked tightly together, curb chains are often used to create statement necklaces. That being said, the most common curb chains are also thick and heavy.
  • Figaro Chain: Unlike the aforementioned, Figaro chains don’t follow a series of the same, homogenous chain pattern. Smaller chains are paired with longer chains in a sequence, adding an interesting flair to your look.
  • Snake Chain: Snake chains appear exactly how they sound like they appear. Snake chains form a flexible, smooth tube made of round, wavy metal rings joined side by side. Where the rings join together and give a scaly appearance.
  • Mariner Chain: Also known as an anchor chain, the Mariner chain hails from a nautical history (hence the name). The chains used to create the maritime chain take a similar form to the curb and Venetian chains, however, they are further designed with a bar in the middle of each chain.
  • Rope Chain: Just as it sounds, a rope chain is made up of several small chains that form a pattern similar to a rope. Its cool appearance is backed by cool lore as being popularized by Golden age rap groups.

How to Style a Silver Chain

More often than not, silver chains aren’t called in to make a massive statement. A well-made silver chain will always boast a high level of beauty, but silver chains will be more subtle than gold. However, that’s the point. Whether you decide to don a silver chain on a casual walk through the park or when trying to impress your date without being overly try-hard, donning one is an easy go-to. When it comes to styling, keep this in mind. But remember: there’s always an opportunity to jazz it up with jewelry.

  • Simplicity Prevails: Keeping it simple will consistently score some style points. Wear one over a white or black T-shirt for the summer, and layer lightly under a collar for the evenings.
  • Layering: Longer necklaces should be put on first, and each necklace following should be shorter than the last. Not only does this create dimension, but it also saves you from dealing with your chains getting tangled.
  • Adding a Pendant: Consider the weight and size of both the pendant and chain. A heavy pendant will not only look wrong on a skinny chain but might also cause it to break.

1. Saint Laurent Drop Charm Necklace

Best Overall 

Hailing from Saint Laurent’s Fall/Winter collection, this necklace appears silver and is adorned with a signature tear-drop pendant. Why is this the best? It is the perfect marriage of fine craftsmanship, luxury and uniqueness.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Mytheresa


7. ASOS Flat Serpent Chain in Silver

Best Style Flex

Serpent chains have a special talent for making basic looks feel like a million bucks. This one by ASOS is no exception. Sleek, cool and beautifully designed, this chain is easily a statement piece. Pair with a solid shirt so the chain can fully show off its glittering prestige.

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Courtesy of ASOS


3. Alice Made This Rhodium-Plated Chain Necklace

Best Starter 

If you’re new to the silver-necklace market, this Rhodium-plated chain necklace by Alice Made This is an ideal place to start. Elegant in appearance, this chain adds just the amount of glitz needed for a subtle flex. At a medium length, this necklace also makes it easy to stack with others.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


4. Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

Best Curb Chain 

Cast in sterling silver, this curb chain necklace will surely add a cool factor to your look. Sitting at about 24 inches, the necklace is a great solo. Equipped with a spring ring to hold it all together, taking it off and putting it on should be seamless.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

5. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Silver Chain

Budget Buy 

Whether you intend to use this chain for a casual everyday accessory or need to spice up an outfit for a special occasion, this necklace is great for those who aren’t intending to be so precious with their accessories. Its chunky look will add the right boost of edge to your look.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of ASOS

6. Maple Silver Pendant Necklace


Aside from the ethereal look of this silver pendant necklace designed by MAPLE, the pendant itself is a work of art. Heavily inspired by music, this pendant resembled the covert art of Grace Jone’s Island Life album.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


7. Nordstrom Medallion Curb Chain Pendant Necklace


Nordstrom has you covered if you’re looking for an everyday silver chain with a pendant. This chain link necklace and pendant are quite simple, but that’s the point: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With a low price tag, you’re sure to get an elegant bang for your buck.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nordstrom


8. Alberto Amati Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

Best Mariner Necklace 

Whether it’s a love of the sea or a deep desire to find the accessory of your dreams, this sterling silver chain necklace by Alberto Amati will satisfy you.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales


9. Maple Silver Figaro Chain

Best Figaro Chain 

For those who love Italian design, this polished silver chain is the emblem of cool. Though the necklace is subtle overall, a closer look will reveal a constellation of exciting designs.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Mr. Porter


10. All Blues Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

Best Splurge 

It’s easy to see why this necklace reigns as the best splurge silver necklace. Its glittering appearance and double chain build are easy enough for any wearer to feel like a king. But not only is it gorgeous, but the necklace is ethically made according to the agency Good on You, with which the brand partners.

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Courtesy of Farfetch


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