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Accessorize Like the Leader of the Pack With This Dramatic Silver Lion Ring

* Lion head ring features movable mane of silver beads
* Made from sterling silver and white sapphires
* “Courage” etched on the inside of the band

For jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann, every piece starts with the question, “Can a woman give this piece of jewelry to her daughter in 20 years?” So while her fine jewelry collection may take into account the trends of the day, her look has heirloom aspirations and aims to be timeless. A key example is her silver lion ring, seen here. At once bold, whimsical and fun, the word “courage” has been discreetly etched to the inside of the band, a tender touch for what would otherwise be a pretty statement piece alone.

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The regal lion head has been cast large enough to span a finger, so this is not a ring for the shy. A ring of movable silver beads creates a movable mane, while eyes of white sapphire wink at you as they catch the light.

As the proverbial king of the jungle, the lion has long symbolized leadership, strength and of course, courage. The one word found on the band gives the ring an almost talismanic quality, a reminder to the wearer to be brave.

Initially a fine art portrait photographer, the personal nature of Kosann’s portraits have informed her take on jewelry design. Everything she creates not only has the intention of being passed on, but is also rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell. And by the looks of this ring, there’ll certainly be a luxurious footnote to add.

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